What we're about

This meetup is for anyone facing health issues already in the making - obesity, diabetes, heart issues, loss of muscle, hormone imbalances, etc and desiring to regain (or maintain) a feeling of health and vitality as we move into later life. Although we may come with health issues we need not let these fast track into major life crisis.

In the 40's our habits set the stage for issues developing in our 50's, and in our 50's the issues that begin to develop lead to the quality of life that we experience in our 60's and 70's and will even determine whether we live beyond our 60's. This group is all about changing our health habits in order to enjoy a sense of vitality for the rest of our lives.

Although this group is NOT a "treatment" of these later life disease, (that is for your medical team) we are looking at developing healthy lifestyles that contributes toward the feelings of vitality through exercise, diet, positive emotions and relationships. Think of this group as your accountability team to enjoy a great life for the rest of your life - active, happy and healthy. Exercise has been described as medicine for most of life's dis-eases (Exercise is Medicine is an organization of doctors that promote the healing effects of exercise); however, we want to extend that to include diet, emotional focus and relationships as vital to a vibrant life.

Our meetings will be a combination of local meetings in the Richmond Hill area as well as online meetings through Zoom media. Join us for the "health resolution for 2019".

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