• Body Wisdom For Singers - Series Preview

    Ripley-Grier Studios


    If you could completely understand how your body works best as an instrument your vocal ability would instantly improve. Your imagination of what you could accomplish would open up. Good for beginner to advanced singers. When you can manage breath, body and articulators with ease singing becomes more fun! Many whose confidence in their singing ability have soared in this series have called this work the short-cut between technique and application. In this 6 playshop series you will explore: the release and optimal use of all parts of the body for singing, how to best sing vowels and consonants for zero vocal stress and how to develop abundant breath support. And, much more! Mr. Flam has proven the effects of these techniques with thousands of singers and voice teachers around the world and over the past 40 years through his BreathingRx For Singers System. If you want to have a lot of fun transforming your singing at light speed register now. Spots in this breakthrough series are limited. This first playshop can be attended separately and is 45. If you decide to register for the entire playshop series bring an additional $155. with you to secure your spot in the series, (to pay the series tuition bring a check, cash or be prepared to pay using paypal or venmo). The series runs 6 Consecutive Tuesdays, April 16th through May 21rst, 7-9pm.

  • The Magic of Singing From Your Soul - 6 PlayShop Series

    Othello Studio


    This is a 6 week series Tuesday evenings starting September 25th. The first play-shop is free! (With a 47.99 refundable deposit when you take the first workshop). Your transformation will occur throughout the series as each session builds on the last. In this series you will experience how to connect with and release the tensions in your body that limit your vocal ability. Then you will learn how to let your body sing in the most organic way, (hint: the magic is in the diaphragm target training technique). I will show you how to use your new-found capacity and freedom to access a freer, richer and more powerful voice with special voice growing super-exercises designed by famous opera star Atarah Hazzan. I guarantee vocal miracles will take place for you! A great side benefit is that these concepts along with your personal transformation can be used to be more effective in every area of you life. We are going to have a lot of fun! Register now for all 6 PLAY-SHOPS by September 18th and receive a 20% discount! Normally $250. Now $200. The first play-shop is free! So, come on in and see what all the magic is about! Limited to 16 participants. This one will be worth clearing your schedule to attend each and every session. That is when the magic can happen for you! RSVP YES NOW to receive a 20% Discount, (only until September 18th, then a different link and price will be posted). Register here for all 6 Playshops at the 20% Discount... http://bit.ly/2MidzLh

  • SING FROM YOUR SOUL! The Breakthrough Singing Open-Mic Workshop! RSVP 5/11!

    The Breakthrough Singing Experience! A Live “Open Mic” Youtube Event! We are building a community who love to sing and love singing our heads off! And, also want to do it in a safe and supportive way. We want a real breakthrough in our singing, performance and creative expression! Singing is the language of joy, it is the soul speaking. So, we have created a workshop/open mic performance experience to do just that. The workshops are videotaped with highlights posted on our YouTube Channel! All participants will be immersed in a fun and supportive process learning a unique breathing technique that will unlock your natural talent and help you experience the joy of singing! Next, Master Singing and Acting Coach Steven Flam will work with eight participants on performing a song of their choice! All participants will break through previously unsolvable vocal and performance challenges. I usually offer this type of workshop for between $65 and $95. However, because this is a new approach and is in "beta" , I am offering it for a short time for $35 to attend the entire workshop in person. For One-On-One Coaching ($35) - only 8 spots left!, RSVP on this page NOW! For General Participants ($20) GO here: https://tinyurl.com/y8jfc9nd Total participants limited to 25! Bonus! If time allows, after the one on one coaching, one or two additional participants may receive one-on-one coaching by Steven! IMPORTANT! Gently work on a song of your choice daily for one week, prior to the workshop, so you know the words by heart. Dress in comfortable clothes so you can roll around and move! All songs will be sung a capella unless you are super awesome at playing your guitar or other instrument… if so, it must be acoustic and tuned and ready before the workshop!!! The workshop starts at 6:30 SHARP! PLEASE Be On Time! Out of respect for the performers and the process, please arrive on time at 6:30pm for registration and mingling. There will be a snack table but also bring your own water to drink during the workshop. Doors will be closed at 7:00pm sharp and the work will begin! No one will be let in afterward. “Working with Steven I’ve been able to really breakthrough… I could sing before, but with certain songs, I’d lose my voice after only singing for a few minutes. After working with Steven I can now sing for hours of serious rock and roll and my voice is totally fine… and I am singing two octaves higher than I ever have before… remarkable.” Sean Barry, Singer/Songwriter

  • Sing Your Soul Alive Workshop



    Sing your soul alive in this popular 3 hour workshop. Whether you are new to this work or coming for a refresher there will be new and deeper information and exercises. Learn how to achieve your most authentic voice through breath and body movement. Using BreathingRx techniques you will increase your vocal power and physiologically change your capacity. Applying the spiritual energetics taught in this workshop you can experience deeper listening. Access the power of creation and learn to direct it, then learn a new exercise to hear the instructions within the energy. Come prepared to sing, breathe and hear in ways you have not imagined.


    Ripley Grier Studios


    Have you ever felt you wanted to have a fuller and richer voice that doesn't tire or hurt your throat? Have you always suspected that singing could feel like a pure and powerful expression of all that you are? I will teach you an advanced breathing technique that allow any singer at any level to break through and find your real voice. You will have a personal experience and sing with grace, ease and a full courageous expression... from your SOUL! Bring a song you live to sing and wish could be and feel better. I will coach you through to finding your personal breakthrough! Get ready for a life changing experience. I guarantee it! Limited to 6 people so register now by RSVP'ing "YES" to attending.

  • BreathingRx For Singers - Introductory Workshop - FREE!

    Ripley Grier Studios

    In person or virtually! I will share the three most common and harmful mistakes that stop singers from reaching their potential. After this workshop you will understand how to remove those blocks, so that you can get the technical know-how and confidence you need to be your best everywhere you sing. Learn the magic exercise at the core of this breakthrough system. Voice teachers call it, "their favorite technique" Want a better way to understand your instrument from the inside-out? REGISTER NOW for this FREE 1 hour workshop & experience why .... Want to attend virtually? Register free at: http://bit.ly/10117Brx and I will send you the link before the workshop starts. Want… Longer phrases? Easy high notes? Larger range? Better Passaggio? At the end of the workshop I have a special gift for you. See you at the workshop! Steven Flam .