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Vogon Poetry Readings don't actually feature poetry. Instead, they are times when Don't Panic Labs throws its doors open so the community can learn alongside its team.

Please be on time. Vogons are very serious about running on time.

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Service Oriented Architecture

Don't Panic Labs - Basement Barnyard

The software development community continues its massive shift toward developing systems using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). At Don’t Panic Labs we have fully embraced SOA, and we have some ideas to help you along the way. In this talk, Software Architect Andy Unterseher will share how Don't Panic Labs leverages Service Oriented Architecture in the systems its team builds. He will also describe some common pitfalls and design smells you can easily prevent. While there is no actual poetry, we are throwing open the doors to Don't Panic Labs for the community to learn alongside our team.

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