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Voice Tech is hot. In fact, voice interfaces have been adopted faster than nearly any other technology in history.

One in ten people got a smart speaker over the holiday season in 2018; meanwhile, smartphone shipments shrank 6 percent.

21% of the population owns a smart speaker.

The next great consumer electronics wave is being led by smart speakers and their virtual assistants. Don’t be left behind. This is one of those rare opportunities to be a pioneer in an emerging space that will be as big or bigger than the smartphone revolution and mobile apps.

This group is dedicated to exploring the world of voice interfaces and their applications. The group is geared towards startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We’ll explore smart speakers, voice and AI, and the myriad of other applications of voice and emerging technology, and how startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses can capitalize on the coming voice interface revolution.

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The State of Voice Technology for Entrepreneurs

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