What we're about

Explore a new part of London every month with a group of curious locals, recent arrivals and the occasional wide-eyed visitor. We normally meet near the starting point of a VoiceMap audio tour. We walk it at our pace, and then at the end of the tour we reassemble at a pub or coffee shop, to share our own stories about London over a drink. VoiceMap is a smart phone app that uses the same technology as sat nav devices and Google Maps to play stories about your surroundings automatically, while you move. The tours are created by writers, podcasters, filmmakers, tour guides and the even odd celebrity, all of them passionate locals with a story to share.

We have already hosted a variety of memorable walks in London including:

* An exploration of Wapping's dark history, when pirates, smugglers and other rogues hid out in this part of London.
* An investigation into the history of the London Loo, from the Great Stink of 1858 and London's cholera outbreaks to modern development work.
* Following in the footsteps of writer Virginia Stephen Woolf through the Bloomsbury area of London where she lived in the early 20th century. If you enjoy walking, stories, and seeing the world through someone else's eyes, you'll fit right in. We're looking forward to exploring with you!

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