What we're about

Our Core Purpose
Service for the highest good and purpose of All Beings

Our Mission (Voices of Our Animal Companions):
Expanding value & goodness in our ability to do good. Co-creating better living for Lives (animals, plants, human, nature) around us

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1. Meetup Group Meditating with Crystals
2. Meetup Group Community of Growth

Mission for the above 2 groups can be found at the relevant meetup groups' page - "About Us"

Core Spiritual Practices in Working with Animals:
1. Discernment
2. Comprehension of information in a non-bias, non-judgemental, neutral manner
3. Compassion
4. Forgiveness
5. Groundedness

Mode of Guidance:
1. Accessing Personal Wisdom
2. Doing and Being (Appropriate Action)
3. Sustainability

Those who are likely to benefit from VoAC:
1. I care for the well-being of the animals (regardless of species)
2. I understand that Self-Care has to presume how to take personal responsibility.
3. I take proactive steps to keep in tune with updated knowledge and practices regardless whether it's human or animal well-being
4. I recognize that having animal companions is not just about "ownership" BUT ownership of mine, family/ friends (people who are involve in our lives) and my animal's lifestyle
5. I am open to explore the grounding balance required in relationship to the Beings around me (including other humans)
6. I have my set of values that help me work with my animal and people around us (or I am open to explore and build my personal set of values)
7. I am open to exploring individually and as a support group sustainable life-giving practices

Those who will not benefit from VoAC. Please DO NOT Attend if:
1. You are here to create drama, trouble or hurt. We will without hesitation ask you to leave our premise. Please refer to our House Rules, Guidelines as well as meetup.com's guideline on etiquette during live-events
2. Your idea of animal companion is "just an animal, what's the big deal"
3. Your idea of animal companion is "something" "at the back of your mind/background/home and have no place until you need them for whatever reason"
4. "This is my belief - it's my way or the highway", please proceed to your highway

When we refer to our community, we have our
1. house rules (no compromising on) and
2. guide lines (flexible as long as the contents/ context/ behaviors/ attitude is appropriate for the community)

The sets of negotiable + non-movable rules provide and set our space for healthy, respectful boundary for this group as well as for any attendees from the members of the public.

House Rules:
1. This meetup require
• Personal Responsibility
• Respect to Others

(All sharings, will be empowering and appropriate to context)

2. Participants to leave EGO and all intentional dis-empowering words, thoughts at the door or be shown the door during actual meetup. We do not compromise to people who do not adhere to our House Rules.

Please do not bring in unnecessary vibes or thought forms in comparison with other groups. If you are seeking for a group to resonate with, it is absolutely fine with us. We do not need to know the details of what happen or your experience with other groups.

Please do not bring in complains, whines or SOB stories of whichever rescue groups that you know or is/ are working with. We do not need to add in more energetic or emotional burden to the animals that are being rescued off the streets or tricky, life threatening situations.

If you have no idea what energetic burden, unpleasant thoughts or energy is, please consider visiting us on

Wednesday nights Meetup Group - Meditating with Crystals.

We explore spiritual development, practices that are non-judgmental, non-religious, using latest knowledge from new sciences i.e. Quantum Psychics, Epigenetics and so forth to back our sessions. We are not just fluff or hocus pocus. Every group, every meeting that we are responsible for comes with practical real-life applications.

Disclaimer: People reap rewards for putting useful applications into practice. Not to sit in and blankly download information that will not be put to use.

4. We are tolerant in general. Tolerance ends when these topics are breached:
• Religion (We don’t practice religion; we have our faith and our spiritual practices)
• LGBT/ Transgender (Everyone have their privacy, choices and options. Please show respect to others if you are looking for respect in return).
• Hijacking of session
4.1. into personal counselling with you and your animal for what's not going on right in your respective lives or
4.2. attempt to lead the session astray/ out of topic.

This is not the space for you. Please contact a coach or counselor, animal communicator, animal behaviorist who might be able to assist you better.

5. Participants attempting to mis-lead people or “read minds” physically or psychically/ energetically without permission will be shown the door and forever banned from this and/or all of our communities. Everybody deserves freedom of choice to choose and act out their Life. Please DO NOT infringe on other people’s Lives.

Guidelines and Purpose of Community
1. Grounded in practical (ability to take action and see results) reality (what is in the Now) to support humans of animal companions in their Personal Hero's Journey. Open up doorways for them to work with their animal companions by learning and growing with them.

2. Sharing and practice clearing our mind via tools, framework for health, mental, emotional, spiritual well-being. VoAC's practitioners actively work and support HUMANS full time in their professional lives. This is not a game or a feel-good group for us. We are very serious in supporting people and their animals who are in their journey and growing.

3. We are currently look for content owners and kind sponsors who are experts and have years of experiences in saving lives that are backed by latest scientific research, learning or update i.e.
- Best practices for keeping animal companions in good health
- Whole Food and Nutrition
- Animal Endocrinology, Chemical Pathways, Hormones that support or affect animal companions
- Responsible Pet Ownership
- Alternative Holistic Practices, Energy Healing for Animals (not to be confused or used as main well-being modality for the animal. That would be considered as highly irresponsible to ignore veterinary checkups.)
- Healing of Pet Owners, so that healing of our Animal Companions can be allowed to take place
- Mirroring and Projections. The different ways that our animals choose to reveal what we need in order to grow

4. Create awareness and network to support our rescue groups (Local or Overseas).

5. Create personal development and support group for rescue groups. Bringing new skills or competencies to help them manage
- Emotional, Empathy Burnouts
- Gaining and Asking for Authentic Support Against Bullying, Pressure via Social Medias
- Manage Compassion Fatigue
- Recognize and Getting Out of the Drama Triangle (Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator Triangle)
- Build and Develop Your Personal Self-Care, Self-Love Routine

6. Explore psychology, developmental frameworks, tools, animal science, wellness, to elevate our and our animal's energy.

7. We welcome members who are open to exploration.
Respect Yourself, Ourselves via our Words, Thoughts, Emotions, Intention, Spiritually and the same will be returned many folds from the universe.

Financial Disclosures:
1. We DO NOT take monetary benefits of any kind from sponsors who might pose as major conflict against our practice and sharing.

2. We DO NOT support food, certain companies and their practices that are not life-giving.

3. We DO NOT support certain veterinary practices that do not take into considerations of the well-being of all parties involved.

4. We DO support life-giving companies, food and products that have shown exceptional, glowing results and testimonials from Pawrents (Preferably around the world)

5. We DO support integrative care and proactive wellness support for both animal and Pawrents

6. We DO support Rescue Groups with their fundraiser activities, spreading word of animals for adoption

1. Rescue groups must manage their own campaigns and funds

2. Provided that the rescue groups are willing to work with us and our criteria (please refer to "Guidelines and Purpose of Community" point 2, 4, (especially no.) 5, 6)

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