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This is a mixer group focusing on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), and Avaya and Lync IP phone products, and possibly Asterisk and Freeswitch, with the goal of bringing together business owners with engineers. If you are interested in having an exciting new VOIP system in your office, or would like to help others achieve that with your own knowledge, you are encouraged to join. IP phones can provide many features.

I worked on legacy phones and networks for a decade, did a few years programming teller apps for banks, then took a course in Cisco CUCM to focus more on telephony again. I then spent a year on Nortel VOIP, and two years on on CUCM projects. I'm an engineer, and not yet an architect. I'd love to get some exposure to Avaya and Lync.

I see the ideal business owner for this group as someone who has a pretty good grasp on the topic and would like some extra help; and the ideal engineer for this group as someone looking to expand their experience and help others. Of course the decorated royalty, voice architects, are more than welcome. And if you are a vendor and would like to give a presentation -- choosing SIP trunks, picking the right cluster hardware, IP PBX feature comparisons, etc. -- come on down! but keep it informational.

While the meetups and info exchanges are currently free, there is nothing wrong with side arrangements between two parties.

This group has no connection with any of these VOIP companies. I am just a contractor who works on Cisco products.

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