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How do I invest in Toronto? Isn't Toronto too risky? Isn't Toronto too expensive? How do I even find a good property to invest in?

Let's be real. There are probably over a hundred real estate investor meetups in Toronto claiming "get rich quick" or "flip/wholesale and make quick cash", capitalizing on the countless HGTV 30-min TV shows showing how easy it is for anyone to flip a house.

Volition Properties ( takes a more pragmatic approach.

Learn how to invest to build wealth in the real estate market the right way. Investing is all about purchasing risk-mitigated income properties, building wealth over time, and safely growing your assets so that you can create choice in your life, and enabling you to live the life you choose.

YES, AS OF TODAY, THIS IS A CURRENT GROUP THAT CONTINUES TO MEET UP EVERY MONTH!!  We are the LARGEST real estate investment meetup community in Toronto!!  Since 2015, about 50-60 people have consistently met up each month, getting together with other like-minded investors to discuss our safe long-term strategies, getting updates on the Toronto market, learning about the Economic Fundamentals that underpin real estate, expanding our networks, supporting one another in achieving our individual life goals... and even going on Street Smart Tours to view properties and put our theory to the test against real-life case studies.
We often bring in top real estate investment subject matter experts to speak on areas of development, financing, accounting, insurance, joint ventures, raising capital, tenant laws, and real estate law (David Goncalves, Hugo Dos Reis, Christopher Darwiche, Calum Ross, Russell Westcott, Dan Tetzlaff, Stephen Smith, Erwin Szeto, Charles Wah, Cherry Chan, Peter Cuttini, Tony Cunha, Thu Nguyen, Dave Dubeau, Jacob Perez, Mary Sun, Daniel Hall, amongst many many many others). We also feature other real estate investment speakers to share their experiences and expertise (Jin Kim, Niran Kulathungam, Denise & Stuart MacPherson, Florence Lee, Jason Decourcy, Christopher Law, Teresa Almeida, Vinay Kanthan, Zain Shafiq, Harbie Jawanda, Austin Yeh, Mayu Thava, just to name a few).

Who is Volition?
Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm that provides advisory and turnkey real estate investment services. Its mandate is to help real estate investors sustainably invest to build wealth in the Toronto real estate market by investing in risk-mitigated, cash-flowing income properties over longer-term real estate cycles. We co-create a strategy with our clients during our Advisory consultations, we execute by helping our clients buy their investment property with our Investor Realtor services, and we set up investors for success by supporting them through their entire investment journey.

✪ $32M+ personal holdings in Toronto Real Estate (55+ doors)
✪ Featured on HGTV, REIN, RISE, Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, etc, etc.
✪ Certified Real Estate Investment Advisors (REIA)
✪ Michael Millenear Real Estate Investing Leadership Award nomination
✪ Silver Award recipients of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)
✪ Realtor Awards: Chairman Award, President Award, Top Producer Award 5 years running

[Volition (vō-ˈli-shən): The power to make your own choices or decisions; free will. Living life by design, not by default.]

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