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San Francisco - Feeding the Homeless on the Streets
*IMPORTANT NOTE: We can no longer park inside the Sanctuary parking lot @201 8th, but you should not have any problem finding a parking spot right there on the street. We will meet on the sidewalk directly across the street from 201-8th street. We meet at 7:45pm, but we usually don't start walking until 8pm. Please call me at[masked] if you are late. Time for another service project on the streets of San Francisco. We will be going around the City at night, passing out food and clothing to the homeless. This is a completely self-contained project, which means everything must be provided & carried by ourselves. If you need a wagon (like for soup or whatever), please let me (Cheryl) know in the comments at least 24 hours in advance, and I can bring mine. Here is the plan: If you want to test your latest cooking creation, you will have a grand audience here. Go crazy and make something you wish to share with the world. Your items should already be prepared and ready to go. Soup is a wonderful thing to bring this time of year, but please consider how you will carry it, and if you need someone else to provide cups or spoons, let us know in the comments. If you need to heat something up, please let us know in the comments at least 24 hours in advance so we can ask one of our regulars Lorenzo to bring his camper, and you can arrive at 7:30pm to use the camper stove. Other Food Suggestions: Pre-made goodies from the supermarket; ready-made sandwiches are also well-received; fruits; bottled drinks like water. These items are easily transportable, but you can bring whatever you'd like. If you have socks, toiletries, clothing, blankets, backpacks, sleeping bag, or anything else you have to donate, you can bring those. Clean white socks are the most desired clothing item and toothbrush/paste is most desired toiletry. Please indicate in your RSVP what you plan to bring. If you are just able to donate your help with carrying things, that is equally good. Please come along, bring a wagon or cart if you have one, socialize, and help!

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