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Food and Friendship
Free Community Meal

1748 Electric Ave (enter through back at end of drive off Kansas st)

1pm – 3 pm
Come enjoy a free meal with your friends in the Bellingham dance community and beyond - a variety of delicious nutritious food to suit most dietary needs (if you have something very specific you need to eat you can bring your own food and enjoy great company while you eat it). Everyone is welcome! Feel free to stay and relax and enjoy the companionship and connection or, if it suits you, to eat and run.
3pm – 4:30 Deep Sharing/Listening
For those who wish we will gather and sit with quiet/stillness and some questions that I have noticed living in me and the people around me. There will be opportunity to share and listen to what rises in us as we sit with the questions. Here are three possibilities:
How can I carry the magical peace, love and connection I feel while dancing on Sunday mornings and smoothly integrate it into the rest of my life?
How does money – my desire and perceived need for more or my perception of money as evil – interact with my ability to be of service in the world and live into the full potential and purpose of my life?
What concrete steps can I take to actualize the enlightened society of my dreams? Possible examples: make toothpaste, weave fabric, host knitting circles or study groups or gardening parties or community meals, etc…

More info? Call Benjamin [masked]