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Would you like to meet with others and learn about and discuss 'VOLUNTARYISM'? VOLUNTARYISM advocates that all interactions among people should be voluntary and not coerced. Yes, I realize that sounds self-evident and obvious, but the fact is that almost every person in the world has been led to believe otherwise.

Come to a meeting and see if what you believe is consistent with your own moral and ethical principles.

If you know what VOLUNTARYISM is about and you embrace it, then this will be a welcoming opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. If you have never heard of VOLUNTARYISM, or don't know much about it, then I enthusiastically invite you to attend a meeting and learn about and discuss what VOLUNTARYISM is. You are certainly welcome to bring a guest or two.

I happen to believe that just about everybody in the world is a 'VOLUNTARYIST', but just don't realize it. Whether you want to join the group or not, I humbly invite you to come to a meeting and allow me to explain what I mean by that statement!


Learning about VOLUNTARYISM has been the most important revelation in my life! I hope that you may have a similar experience!

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