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Central LA Meetup for Building Voluntary Society
Our goal is to build an effective, grass-roots, sustainable and useful voluntaryist network in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Starting today! We will be socializing, getting to know one another and building trust. For those interested, we will foster opportunities for cooperative activities that will help build the voluntaryist world of tomorrow, through peace and mutual understanding and respect. Just bring yourself and an open mind! Co-hosted with Region 64, one of the Libertarian Party's most voluntaryist clubs with many members holding to voluntaryist views and seeking to represent those views in broader society.

Uncle John's Cafe

834 South Grand Avenue · Los Angeles

What we're about

Hey there, my name is Steven Walker, I co-organized the Voluntaryists of Austin along with Katy Kelly, the largest and most active Voluntaryist Community in the world.

VoLA is trying to do the same.

Voluntaryists of Los Angeles' goal is to build and maintain an in-person and inter-personal community of friends and allies with the greater LA area. We have zero political aspirations, no particular desire for activism, and we are not at all interested in any kind of revolution. We believe that change comes slowly through one-on-one conversations, the bettering of our relationships, spreading the word through media and education, and creating systems to make all of the above easier.

So what is Voluntaryism? Voluntaryism is an ethical philosophy based on the simple idea that all human relationships should be voluntary, and force is never an acceptable ways to solve problems. The radical part is that that principle applies to governments, too.

We are casual, friendly, and always open to new ideas. We hope that one day LA will be a city with a significantly sized, high quality Voluntaryist community and intend to help this happen. We do not believe in shoving ideas down the throats of people who do not want to hear them. We do not believe in using the state to spread our ideas.

We believe that happiness spreads ideas. That if you make your life great enough, people will ask you how you do it. Then you will no longer have to push. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet, and the change must come within ourselves and close relationships before we seek to change the world. Well, that's what we think anyway, we may be dead wrong.

So come on down, engage in discussion, ask questions, whatever! No matter if you're new to the ideas or a seasoned veteran, we're always down to meet new folks and see how they see the world.

See you at our next meetup!
~Steven Walker

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