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Central LA Meetup for Building Voluntary Society

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Jonathan J.
Central LA Meetup for Building Voluntary Society


A lot of power games have been going on in LPLAC lately. This gives us a fresh opportunity to discuss the harm the games do, and how to stop the games or nullify their harmful effects, without coercion. I'll be leading an open discussion unless someone else wants to.

Every one of us has equal power. By attending an open discussion, you agree to be civil and give reasonable consideration to others' opinions, or leave. Everybody who stays gets an opportunity to voice their opinion. Members are encouraged to listen and to let what is said in the meeting stay in the meeting.

Look for the young people in ALIVE FREE HAPPY shirts. Hope to see you there!
Uncle John's Cafe
834 South Grand Avenue · Los Angeles, CA
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You can't miss us in this place!

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