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- Are you an ACCOUNT MANAGER or SALES PROFESSIONAL in the Restaurant Industry?
- Do you find cold calling and canvassing to be exhausting and not as effective as it used to be? STRATEGIC NETWORKING IS KEY!
Having a more strategic networking approach can help you establish effective referral partners and gain more warm leads. This is the goal of the Delaware Valley Restaurant Industry Group (DVRIG). There is currently no annual membership fee. However, it is our goal to create a membership base of RELIABLE referral partners right from the start. EXCLUDES POS PROVDERS/CONSULTANTS since Rebecca Chalson, DVRIG Founder, represents Advanced Hospitality Systems and is the promotional sponsor.

Help you find Restaurant Industry Potential Referral Partners Such As The Following:

Business Development Consultants
Menu Printers
Liquor & Beer Distributors
Produce Distributors
Uniform Companies
Liquor Attorneys
Food Bloggers - Local
Food Service Companies
Equipment Reps
Paper & Office Suppliers
Payroll Reps
Hood Companies
Cable Networking Reps
Kitchen Mat Companies
Cleaning Companies
Seafood Distributors
Beverage Distributors
Credit Card Processors
Equipment Reps
Social Media Managers
Commercial Audio/Video
Restaurant Architects/Designers
Commercial Realtors & Brokers
Draft Beer Systems

Looking forward to helping everyone grow their circle of influence and gain new restaurant clients within the local market. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Warm Regards,
Rebecca Chalson
Territory Account Manager Advanced Hospitality Systems
Outstanding Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
Office address: 110 Kresson Gibbsboro Road, Suite 6, Voorhees, NJ 08043-9507
Tel: 888-86-ALOHA ext: 293
Fax: 856-741-0385
Email: Rebecca.Chalson@ahspos.com

Four Questions You Need Answered When Researching a POS System: https://callback.ipresent.com/dl/rd2vkv7kjc6p

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