What we're about

We will be meeting up a few times a week to discuss different projects, debugging code, pair programming, and or demoing something cool or interesting.

Anyone new to programming in general are welcomed as well. We will direct you to good resources and provide direction for best practices. We want to build a community of programmers.

The group will have a few learning series this year:
1. Vue
2. React
3. Angular
Each series will go from intro level to advanced so we all can learn the basics plus more.

Plus creating different backends in python, java, go, node, php, and server less (firebase) to go with each project.

Once a month I'm going to push a hackathon type event where the ML/AI engineers partner up with the frontend developers to build something wicked abstract and cool.

The main goal of this meet up is to build a web application called the internet of things in frontend development. At the end of each series the application will provide an online guide / reference from beginner to advanced. Covering examples from AI / ML to a basic portfolio website to setting up an e-commerce website, etc. Each person who contributes will have a small avatar linking to their portfolio website or whatever they wish.

Upcoming events (3)

Discovering different frameworks

Boonton Coffee Co.

We will be discussing different frontend frameworks in JavaScript, html, and css. There will be some time either before or after to either network or if you need help debugging a certain project.

text editor | terminal / power shell tutorial

Boonton Coffee Co.

Hello all, Please arrive 15 mins early for networking and to meet others in the group. This week we will be setting up our laptops for programming. 1. Introductions 2. Setting up VS code including some helpful plugins 3. Learning some basic Linux, Mac, and windows commands in either terminal or power shell 4. Then creating a GitHub account if you don't have one already and then using terminal to set up a SSH key. We won't go in depth for GitHub commands for this meet up. The next event will cover more on version control and why we need it. I do have a slack channel. Just send me a note if you're interested.

GitHub | advanced GitHub / debugging

Boonton Coffee Co.

Hello all, Please arrive 15 mins before for networking / meet others in the group. This event is a more in depth of GitHub. Covering all the basics. We will set up a small html project then use terminal to fork, clone, branch, push, merge, pull, etc. We're going to make this into a game where the html page will first start off as a question and everyone will fork the project, clone, build, branch, then push. Eventually we will run into issues and that's when we will all as a group solve the issues together. This is meant to get familiar with using terminal and GitHub. In a real world situation team members are sometimes working on the same feature but different moving parts.

Past events (2)

Ask a dev or debugging

Boonton Coffee Co.