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What we’re about

Welcome to the VueTO Meetup hosted by Join the group, attend the meetups and starting learning, teaching and making things that matter with Vue

We welcome developers experienced with Vue as well as those who are currently working with React and Angular but want to get into Vue! Topics will include Vue.js core, Vuex, server-side rendering, unit tests, build systems and more.

We are always looking for speakers and presenters for future meetups, so if you are using or teaching Vue, please fill out this speaker submission form ( ).

Rangle is a product transformation consultancy that partners with enterprise-level companies and scale-ups to solve their most complex challenges. Our expert teams work directly with our client’s practitioners to co-create the goals, growth strategy, processes and products of leading companies. We work smart, and we work fast—We’ve delivered best-in-class apps in three months, and can guide any organization to launch a design system within three to six months, using our open source accelerators. Our commitment to speed is why we love Vue’s progressive, incrementally adoptable framework that enables real agility for our clients.

Watch previous Vue meetup talks at ( Join our group, follow us on Twitter @rangleio, and tweet insights using the #VueTO hashtag!

Who should attend?

Community members, Angular, React or Vue developers. The community is welcoming and loves to answer questions.

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