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Budapest VUE.JS meetup VueAnd.Me edition

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Torben T. and Nicolò Maria M.
Budapest VUE.JS meetup VueAnd.Me edition


Welcome everyone to our fifth Vue.js Budapest meetup! We will have two amazing speakers and a guest of honour! Join us on 27th of September (location TBD) to meet our speakers

  • Tim Benniks
  • Dariusz (Gusto) Wędrychowski

And our special guest Natalia Tepluhina.

We will have one of the first Vue.js 3.0 Talks. Be sure to not miss it!All these rockstars of the Vue.js world are not here by chance! Have you heard of
The workshops will be held in Budapest the weekend after the meetup! Run to get your ticket before we run out of spots! Don't miss the chance to learn from Gusto or Natalia and to share a day with Tim


Tim Benniks: Team first. A framework to lead a team of developers to success in a high pressure environment:

The ability to produce good tech in a high pressure environment is directly dependant on a well organised team. There are a bunch of issues squads face in their quest for success: cultural differences, different definitions of success and perceived pressure from either the product owner or their own management.
These issues can make developers feel unhappy and therefore stressed out. At valtech (where I work as Director of Web Development) we feel that happy teams do better work.
In my personal experience as a front-end developer, delivery manager and leader I have found that projects have a much higher success rate if you understand what developers need. Based on anecdotal evidence I have created a framework called “Team First” which provides a set of tips and tricks for leaders, developers and teams as a whole.

Gusto: Managing forms with Vue 3:

Other than the famous new composition API, there are a few significant changes coming in Vue 3 which will help us to manage form components. Let's compare the old and new solutions and see how an example form system can look like in Vue 3.
How to make a transparent wrapper component? How to pass props and events through a component tree? How will we handle non-props attributes? What will the changes to v-model and .sync modifier mean for our applications? Let's dive into all the things that will make the work with Vue easier from now on.

Speakers Bios

Tim Benniks:

Tim has worked at different agencies in Amsterdam and Paris over the past twelve years. He has been lucky enough to have had global clients like: Nike, Heineken, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, EA games, Chanel and Hermès. Next to being web development director he also has a transversal front-end lead role for the biggest global client program at Valtech. The job involves programming with nice technologies but also animating an international group of amazing front-end developers to a future of innovation for both Valtech and its clients. It’s all about quality and building fancy websites.

A demanding job also needs balancing. Tim plays guitar and loves family time with his wife and a little corgi called Nugget.


Vue.js Core Team member and admin of official Vue chat. During his Tour de Vue trips to meet local developers around the world, he has already visited VueBudapest meetups twice, but has yet to give an official talk. In the free time, he's working on his pet project - online roleplaying platform.


Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 59 · Budapest
31 spots left