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Si vous avez envie de découvrir, apprendre et approndir le framework Vue.js, rejoignez-nous !
Vue.js est un framework javascript progressif, de plus en plus populaire, axé sur le développement front-end. Créé par Evan You en février 2014, grâce à sa simplicité et ses possibilités, il a vite rattrapé les leaders du marché tel que Angular et React.
Tous les mois, nous découvrirons une feature ou nouveauté de vue.js puis échangerons autour d'un apéro collaboratif !

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World Vue Summit #2

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Réservez vos place en suivant ce lien: https://worldvuesummit.eventbrite.com/ Come to the World Vue Summit! About this Event We want to bring all Vue communities together and create a place where we can all share resources and knowledge. Every location can provide a speaker as we broadcast around the world bringing new and seasoned speakers to everyone! This event will include collaboration between the following communities: Featuring speakers from: Vue Beijing Vue Egypt Vuejs Pune VueJS Slovakia VueNYC Collaborators: Vue Raleigh Vue Vienna VueJS Antwerp Vue.js Lyon You can join the official Vue chat to ask the speaker questions! Links will be provided closer to the event. Schedule: 4:00 PM UTC Vue Beijing Speaker: Jonathan Bakebwa @codebender828 Topic: Introducing Chakra UI Vue Introduces @chakra-ui/vue component library with features like a11y, design system support, custom theming, composition & dark/light mode support Questions link for Jonathan Bakebwa will be provided closer to the event Vuejs Pune Speaker: Vinayak Kulkarni Topic: Janak Janak is a new boilerplate for vue-3 based libraries with composition API and typescript built in. Questions link for Vinayak Kulkarni will be provided closer to the event 5:00 PM UTC Vue Egypt Speaker: Abdelrahman Awad @logaretm Topic: What's new in vee-validate v4 New improvements and Features coming in vee-validate v4 library for Vue.js 3. Questions link for Abdelrahman Awad will be provided closer to the event VueJS Slovakia Speaker: Gary Siladi @garysilad Topic: Dynamic forms with custom validation in Vue with Storyblok Web form customization is painful. With Vue + Storyblok + Vuelidate it doesn't have to be. Questions link for Gary Siladi will be provided closer to the event VueNYC Speaker: Tessa @halftes6 Topic: Mssr Gustavue of the Grand Budapest Hotel The year is 1932. The wealthy dowager countess you've been having an affair with regrettably croaks, bequeathing you a painting. Suddenly, you find yourself framed for her murder. What's a humble concierge to do? Tune in to find out what happens nuxt! Questions link for Tessa will be provided closer to the event

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Vue Global Meetup #1

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