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Come to the World Vue Summit!
About this Event
We want to bring all Vue communities together and create a place where we can all share resources and knowledge. Every location can provide a speaker as we broadcast around the world bringing new and seasoned speakers to everyone!

This event will include collaboration between the following communities:

Featuring speakers from:
Vue Beijing
Vue Egypt
Vuejs Pune
VueJS Slovakia

Vue Raleigh
Vue Vienna
VueJS Antwerp
Vue.js Lyon

You can join the official Vue chat to ask the speaker questions!
Links will be provided closer to the event.


4:00 PM UTC
Vue Beijing
Speaker: Jonathan Bakebwa @codebender828
Topic: Introducing Chakra UI Vue

Introduces @chakra-ui/vue component library with features like a11y, design system support, custom theming, composition & dark/light mode support
Questions link for Jonathan Bakebwa will be provided closer to the event

Vuejs Pune
Speaker: Vinayak Kulkarni
Topic: Janak

Janak is a new boilerplate for vue-3 based libraries with composition API and typescript built in.
Questions link for Vinayak Kulkarni will be provided closer to the event

5:00 PM UTC
Vue Egypt
Speaker: Abdelrahman Awad @logaretm
Topic: What's new in vee-validate v4

New improvements and Features coming in vee-validate v4 library for Vue.js 3.
Questions link for Abdelrahman Awad will be provided closer to the event

VueJS Slovakia
Speaker: Gary Siladi @garysilad
Topic: Dynamic forms with custom validation in Vue with Storyblok

Web form customization is painful. With Vue + Storyblok + Vuelidate it doesn't have to be.
Questions link for Gary Siladi will be provided closer to the event

Speaker: Tessa @halftes6
Topic: Mssr Gustavue of the Grand Budapest Hotel

The year is 1932. The wealthy dowager countess you've been having an affair with regrettably croaks, bequeathing you a painting. Suddenly, you find yourself framed for her murder. What's a humble concierge to do? Tune in to find out what happens nuxt!

Questions link for Tessa will be provided closer to the event