013 - *Special* NuxtJS Team Guests: Static sites + SEO

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Vue Montreal Community is pleased to host Debbie O'Brien and Alexander Lichter, both NuxtJS development team members and fantastic speakers! Of course, the theme of the event will be NuxtJS :)

Please note: this event will exceptionally happen at lunchtime (Montreal time) to accommodate our speakers who will be from speaking from their hometowns in Europe!


**SEO in a NuxtJS World - by Alexander Lichter**
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be decisive for the success and the revenue of your projects. But when it comes to Vue.js and SEO, there are many controversial opinions about the impact of Vue on SEO efforts. In this talk, we will go through the basics of SEO and examine best practices and their implementations with the help of vue-meta and Nuxt.js.

**Full Static with Nuxt.js - by Debbie O'Brien**
Static sites have many benefits, from costs to performance and even reducing the carbon footprint. And with the new static module from Nuxt static is going to a whole new level. Static sites are the future, and they can be used for more than just blogs.

12 h 05 - Opening word
12 h 10 - SEO in a NuxtJS World - by Alexander Lichter
12 h 35 - Questions & Answers
12 h 45 - Open mic for community announcement
12 h 50 - Full Static with Nuxt.js - by Debbie O'Brien
13 h 15 - Questions & Answers
13 h 25 - Closing word


Debbie O'Brien - Head of Learning and Developer Advocate at NuxtJS Debbie has over ten years of experience in Frontend development. She is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies, a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, and a Cloudinary Media Developer Expert. On top of this, she's an international speaker, a teacher at Vue School, and a writer for Ultimate Courses.

Alexander Lichter - Developer, speaker, and NuxtJS team member
At 18, he co-founded Developmint, a software development consultancy. He has expertise in various areas, including UX, process analysis, scaling, and SEO. Alex particularly enjoys working with Vue, Laravel, (No)SQL and TailwindCSS

Joignez-nous! Join us :)

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