A Better Vue is Imminent with 3.0


With Vue 3.0 slated for release sometime in Q1 2020, Vueists the world over are preparing for the much anticipated (and hotly debated) Composition API and for good reason! Logic reuse patterns in Vue have never been known to make complex components easier to understand as they scale in features.

In this session, Tampa-based Vueist Eric Nograles (Lead Front-end Developer for Crossbeam), will go over the what, why, and how of the Composition API and other updates on the state of Vue 3.0 after his attendance of VueConfTO 2019.

This event will be held at the BankOZK Innovation Labs at 100 5th St S in downtown St. Petersburg. There is plenty of street parking. You will enter at the entrance on 1st Ave S. Just ring the doorbell and I will let you in. Food and drink provided by BankOZK.

As usual, the event will start at 6pm with social time for a half hour until presentation starts at 6:30pm.