Vue + Quasar


Here is the repo to follow along with commits for the demo app we'll be building together:

We'll be learning about the exciting Quasar Framework and building a small app together during this meetup! Quasar builds high-performance VueJS user interfaces in record time.

The Quasar Framework is a node.js based collection of tools for developing and publishing a website; for building and optimising a progressive web-app; a way to make native apps for Linux, MacOS and Windows with Electron; and even a system for creating mobile apps for Android and iOS with Cordova. It does all of this from one code base using tricks of the trade, best-practices and for all intents and purposes it really gives development teams super-powers.

Still a tightly kept secret in the industry, the Quasar command-line-interface leverages Evan You’s Vue 2 : “a progressive framework for building user interfaces” and produces distributable artifacts from one set of code using a Webpack-4 hot-reloading development server, Babel-7 transpiling, eslint code linting, ES6 constructs and stylus css preprocessing. Out of the box it offers 117 custom components, 9 directives and 13 plugins, all of which adhere to the Material Design specification.