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This is a group for anyone interested in "Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework". The goal is to provide monthly meetups where people give talks on Vue.js and related topics, and people can get together with other developers in the community.

Official Vue.js website: https://vuejs.org

Vue.js Vienna website: https://vuejs-vienna.org

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Vue.js Vienna April Meetup


Welcome to another Vue.js meetup. Get together with other Vue.js fans (beginners and curious people are also welcome) listen to talks, and socialize. Vue.js is a front end JavaScript framework. Learn about Vue.js here: https://vuejs.org/ This time we'll be at Certible. PROGRAM: 1. INTRO 2. TALK: Title Unknown, by Steve Sämmang 3. TALK: Want To Give A Talk? Contact us! 4. Socialization We will start the socialization at the event, and afterwards move on to a suitable location (most likely a bar) to continue the conversation. SPONSOR: Certible, international certification body Certible ist ein unabhängiges Zertifizierungsinstitut mit Sitz in Wien, das weltweit Zertifizierungsprüfungen mit Spezialisierung auf den IT-Bereich durchführt. Als Zertifizierungsstelle steht Certible wir für hohe Serviceorientierung, einfache und moderne Prüfungsabwicklung sowie größtmögliche Datensicherheit. Neben der Bekanntheit bei allen qualitätsorientierten IT-Projekten überzeugen die Zertifikate vor allem durch fachliches Knowhow und internationale Anerkennung. Neben mehreren Möglichkeiten der Zertifizierung ist es dank eines internationalen Netzwerks an PrüferInnen auch möglich Prüfungen weltweit zu jeder Zeit durchzuführen. Certible is an independent certification institute based in Vienna, specialization in the IT sector that carries out certification examinations worldwide. As Certification Body, Certible stands for high service orientation, simple and modern examination processing as well as the greatest possible data security. All certificates gain recognition with all quality-oriented IT projects and impress due to their technical know-how as well as their international reputation. In addition to several certification options, an international team of examiners and test centers ensures that examinations can be carried out at any time and any place worldwide.

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Vue.js Vienna February Meetup

IBM Client Innovation Center Austria

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