Q&A with Chris Fritz & Supercharged Unit Testing with Danny and Phil

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4 Whitworth Street (2-3 minutes away from the Piccadilly Train Station). The new co-working space is called Colony.

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It's time for a new episode and this will be a special one.

Last year in July, we had the pleasure of having Chris Fritz join us for a Q&A Skype call. Everyone loved it - attendees were engaged, bombarding Chris with lots of interesting questions. For Episode 2, we have the honour of having Chris join us again. This time however, he will be joining us in person for another Q&A and to meet our local community that keeps on growing!

Half educator half engineer and based in Michigan, Chris' main focus as a core team member is curating the Vue docs. However, he has contributed to many other projects such as style guide, ESLint plugin, migration guide and helper and has created an enterprise boilerplate. Moreover, Chris is constantly helping to organise global Vue events and is collaborating with other communities to improve support/integration with Vue.

For the second part, we have Danny Spencer, Senior Front-end Developer and Phil Stavri, Front-end Lead both from MoneySuperMarket. They will be teaming up to talk about "Supercharged unit testing for shared components". No one like testing so they will show some techniques they use at MoneySuperMarket to reduce the pain and make testing more effective.

NOTE: WE ARE HOSTING THIS EVENT AT A NEW VENUE. Due to short notice, we have not been able to secure NEO, The Federation or WeWork (places which can usually host more than 45 people). Amongst other we have chased, Colony was the only one showing availability for that evening.


6:30 - Arrive at our venue

6:30-6:45 - Food, drinks, chat

6:45-6:50 - Intro

6:50-7:20 - Q&A with Chris Fritz

7:20-7:25 - Quick break

7:25-7:55 - Supercharged unit testing for shared components with Danny Spencer and Phil Stavri

7:55-8:00 - Wrap up, what's next?

Don't forget, we are always on the lookout for speakers. Did you work on something exciting lately? Or maybe you think you can fill a gap on something we have not covered just yet. If that's so, then step in and do a 5-15min talk. It will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues in the community!