Getting sourcey with the Gridsome data store API


Happy 2020 everyone!

It's time to air Season 3 Ep. 1 😀

Kicking off the evening, we have James who will be diving into Gridsome APIs. I am sure he will clarify some of the things I have demoed in our last event as well as introduce new things that I have not touched on. James is a member of a worker-owned agency, Agile Collective. They use tech to help organisations who do good things. James loves working with Vue.js because it makes web development fun and is backed by a friendly and supportive community. Off the web, he likes cats, rocks and bicycles 🙂

We don't have a second speaker confirmed yet. If there is something you fancy presenting or if you have a friend or colleague who wants to, then give us a shout!


6:30 - Arrive at our venue

6:30-6:45 - Food, drinks, chat

6:45-6:50 - Welcome | Intro

6:50-7:20 - James on "Getting sourcey with the Gridsome data store API"

7:20-7:25 - Quick break

7:25-7:55 - TBC

7:55-8:00 - Wrap up, what's next?

8:00-8:30 - Social

Don't forget, we are always on the lookout for speakers. Did you work on something exciting lately? Or maybe you think you can fill a gap on something we have not covered just yet. If that's so, then step in and do a 5-15min talk. It will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues in the community!