Vue Community Virtual event - 2 great sessions about JAMstack and Performance

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I am excited to announce our first virtual event for the Vue community in Olso. We all stay home these days and we don't have a chance to meet often. However, nothing can stop us to get together online and learn and share our experiences.

Our link to watch the steam will be announced soon.

Speaker: Maya Shavin
Title: Performant Components through Customisation

How to create a UI library that provides users the most possible freedom in customizing components, while keeping our performance and scalability to the fullest?
What other lessons we learned through StorefrontUI, that can help other Vue developers in building their own system?
Let’s find out in my talk.

Speaker: Tim Benniks
Title: JAMstack is the future. I think. Maybe.

JAMstack is everywhere lately. It’s supposed to be the messiah that saves us from monolithic application architectures that have difficulties with scaling, performance and security.

To prepare this talk I spend my evenings building an app to see if JAMstack is indeed the way to go. It’s called “Strava Visualize” and it’s based on JAMstack. I chose to use the fanciest stuff to build it: a PWA with Vue.js, Azure functions, Azure CDN, Gitlab-CI and the Strava API.

In this talk I explain JAMstack and the basics of cloud architecture. JAMstack is a great approach to create scalable, fast and secure web applications. It has some drawbacks though. Check this talk out to see if it lives up to the hype.

Our Speakers' biography:

Maya Shavin :
Maya is a Web Developer from Israel and currently Senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary.

Besides coding, she writes articles about JavaScript tutorials and best practices, speaks at conferences, and organizes the VueJS Israel community meetups.

She is all for experimenting with new frameworks or participating in new OSS projects. You can follow her @MayaShavin , Facebook , Github , and Medium blog.

Tim Benniks :
Tim has worked at different agencies in Amsterdam and Paris over the past twelve years. He has been lucky enough to have had global clients like Nike, Heineken, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, EA games, Chanel and Hermès. Next to being web development director he also has a transversal front-end lead role for the biggest global client program at Valtech. The job involves programming with nice technologies but also animating an international group of amazing front-end developers to a future of innovation for both Valtech and its clients. It’s all about quality and building fancy websites.

A demanding job also needs balancing. Tim plays guitar and loves family time with his wife and a little corgi called Nugget.