Vue.js Paris #22 - JAMstack and Vue 3 Deep Dive

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Bonjour à tous, après la dotJS et le passage d'Evan You à Paris, c'est l'occasion de se revoir pour la dernière édition 2019 du Meetup Vue.js

Si tu as fait face à une situation compliquée à résoudre, codé une librairie Vue et aimerais partager ce que tu as appris, ou bien simplement si tu souhaites parler d'une lib/méthode/techno qui t'aide dans ton workflow avec Vue, envoie une proposition de talk pour le prochain meetup 👉
Anglais ou Français au choix !

Le meetup est hébergé par Valtech ! Merci à eux !
Comme toujours, nourriture et boissons sont à disposition.

A bientôt !

Lieu & plus de détails en dessous de l'agenda!
Location & more details below the agenda!

🇫🇷 Vue 3 Deep Dive
> François Hendriks, Full-stack developer @Theodo

We are starting to see more and more content about Vue 3 ! Along with its new composition API, its performance gains as well as better TypeScript compatibility, Vue promises to be better than ever. Yet while some are impatient to start integrating the new version of the framework, others see this with a different eye. Is Vue becoming more and more like React and its hooks ? Are we dropping IE for good ?

I will explore three main topics:

- Present the issues we have in Vue 2 mostly with TypeScript
- Present the new composition API and its benefits for a small example application in TypeScript
- Why is Vue 3 and its composition API not a mere copy of React Hooks


🇬🇧.#JAMstack is the future. I think. Maybe.
> Tim Benniks, Director of web-development @Valtech <

JAMstack is everywhere lately. It’s supposed to be the messiah that saves us from monolithic application architectures that have difficulties with scaling, performance and security.

To prepare this talk I spend my evenings building an app to see if JAMstack is indeed the way to go. It’s called “Strava Visualize” and it’s based on JAMstack. I chose to use the fanciest stuff to build it: a PWA with Vue.js, Azure functions, Azure CDN, Gitlab-CI and the Strava API.

In this talk I explain JAMstack and the basics of cloud architecture. JAMstack is a great approach to create scalable, fast and secure web applications. It has some drawbacks though. Check this talk out to see if it lives up to the hype.


Hi folks, it's the occasion to gather one last time before the end of the year and talk about Vue.js!

If you have come across a situation that turned out to be challenging to solve, or if you built a library for Vue and want to share what you learned, or even talk about how X can improve your work with Vue, please, submit a talk for the next meetup 👉
Both English and French are accepted, it's up to you!

This meetup is hosted by Valtech!
Food and drinks provided.

We can't wait to see you all!