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Roll Call: Share Your Experiences, Issues, and Workarounds with Vue
Hey Vuetroiters! Welcome to the first ever non-social event for Vuetroit. Unfortunately, this event is only limited to 10 people, I know I know. We are working on another venue for future meetups that can accommodate a lot more than 10 Vuetroiters in the WeWork space. We are also working on food for the event, details of that will be sent out closer to the event. The event might not take two hours. We want at least want some time to eat and network. If it finishes early we can head to a place for drinks or part our ways. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule 6-6:30/6:45 - Food and Networking 6:30/6:45-END - Presentation Please join us in welcoming Novella to give her awesome presentation on some Vue things! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roll Call: Share Your Experiences, Issues, and Workarounds with Vue Vue is still pretty young - it's probably not any of our first frameworks. Let's find out where people are coming from, what drew us all to Vue, and what our current challenges are when using Vue. We'll then brainstorm outside resources, architecture patterns, and coding practices we can use to get past those challenges. By the end of the session, we will get to know each other a bit better, we will have a heads up on what to watch out for while using Vue, and we will have some strategies we can employ in our own dev process. This will be a really interactive session (ie, lots of whiteboard and markers). It will be appropriate for Vue users at all levels of experience. It will take about a half hour to 45 minutes, depending on number of people and level of audience participation. ============================= Arriving at WeWork 1. Please bring your ID with you 2. We will be in room A7 of the WeWork building

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    Welcome to Vuetroit, Detroit's first Vue meetup! Vue is a lightweight JavaScript framework, and has been exploding in popularity recently. If you love JavaScript, web development, the Vue framework, or are just interested in or curious about any of those things, we'd love to have you! We have talked to a lot of people who have looked for or wanted to start a meetup that focuses on this framework, so our goal is to make that happen.

    This meetup is in its infancy and we are still feeling out what we want this group to be, how much interest we have, and where everyone would be traveling from. We want to make sure that this group is what everyone who has wanted a Vue meetup in the Detroit area to be.

    Our first meeting is not yet planned and may be a couple months out, but it will likely be just a social meetup for people to meet and chat, and for us to gauge what everyone is looking for in this group. Please feel free to introduce yourself here, and we'll be sending out a survey in the future to get some feedback from you.

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