What we're about

Welcome to W.A.L.K.

We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds who enjoy walking our dogs off leash on bush tracks around Dunedin.

I plan to have a walk every fortnight on a Sunday at 10.30am. I will cancel any walk no later than 9.30 am if the weather is too miserable. Could you please also cancel on the website by 9.30 am if you change your mind about coming so that we are not waiting around with excited dogs.

I choose the walks specifically so we can walk with our dogs off leash for 1-3 hours, so they can enjoy the freedom of wandering about sniffing interesting things and safely enjoy the company of other dogs. The walks will be mostly on bush tracks around Dunedin, involving hills e.g McGowan’s and the lower Pineapple Track. Sometimes those who do not want to go all the way turn back early.

I use the information brochure provided by the DCC on its website to find the walks, so that we don't breach council by-laws regarding dogs. If anyone knows of any not listed there, or has a great idea please let me know.

I look forward to having you join us for a walk soon.

I will be regularly checking and deleting those members who have not visited the group site or been on a walk in the last 3 months or more. Please feel free to rejoin when you can join us on walks. I would like this group to be one with active members.


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Leith Saddle

Leith Saddle

Taieri River Track (Millennium Track)

Taieri River Track

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