What we're about

This is a group that connects forward-thinking Human Resources professionals interested in People and Culture strategy. We get together once a month for a flowing conversation about People Ops and Culture trends, innovation, creativity, and disruption.

Why should you join us?

Whether you work at a startup or a large established company, our meetups are the perfect opportunity for you to exchange knowledge, gather references and ideas, connect with like-minded people, and learn how to apply essential tools, techniques, and processes of innovation.

What About Humans?

We believe that the future of work is human. Technology advancements are helping us with automation of repetitive tasks, optimization, and utilitarian value creation. We, humans, now have the opportunity to focus on what we do best: innovation, creation, human-to-human interaction, and performing services.

Our goal is to prepare HR+PEOPLE+CULTURE professionals for the future of work by nurturing the human-centered mindset. We have the power to build people-centered workplaces, where technology is purposely and strategically applied to augment our abilities, not to replace us. After all, our decisions impact many people's lives. We have a huge responsibility in our hands.

We meet once a month at different locations around LA. We host virtual meetups too. We discuss the future of work, why and how we choose to implement new technologies, the human side of human resources and the skills we need to build in order to design effective people and culture strategies in the workplace.

All skill levels are welcome.

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