What we're about

You are ready to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in your life - Personally and Professionally. This is a community of like minded individuals who want make their next chapter in life and business their BEST chapter. You want to share your gifts and talents to the world. Our Meetup gatherings will create a space for empowerment, encouragement, community and resources. Let's pool our ideas, resources, tips, and techniques. Let's support one another and hold ourself accountable in creating the life's and career's we love.

This Meetup is for your if...

* you feel that what you want is just outside your reach.

* you have big dreams and want to make a difference in the world.

* you want to make changes and you are ready to step out of your comfort zone to show the world what you are capable of.

You want to be here because…

* you truly want to see positive changes happen in your life.

·* you want to break through your limits.

* you want to activate your potential and achieve your purpose.

* you would like to create a life that brings you true fulfillment, freedom and abundance.

* you are ready to commit to yourself and the life you are destined for…unapologetically.

Hosted by Petra Contrada - Infopreneur; Transformational Speaker; Change Agent for Change Seekers; Business, Success & Fulfillment Coach. Make your next chapter YOUR BEST - Personally & Professionally.

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80 S Greeley Ave

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