• 11th Annual Central Coast Lavender Festival

    General Store Paso Robles

    If you love the fresh clean scent of Lavender then this is the event for you! Come and spend the day rolling through fields of Lavender..........well, almost. The Paso Park will be full of vendors selling all kinds of things showcasing this lovely classic, and yes there will also be fresh lavender. I am traveling all the way to Italy this summer to see fields of lavender and distill fresh oil, but you can get your fix right here without having to leave home :) Let's meet in front of the General Store and wander lust our way around the park intoxicated by all of the lavender wafting in the air. When we've had our fill we can grab lunch at one of the many options nearby.

  • Taste of SLO Walking Tour

    Needs a location

    Okay, for July something a little different. We are going to be "local" tourists. I am always talking about how much time and energy I put into traveling other places, but I don't get out often enough to see all the amazingness that is right around me. In this case we will be "tasting" some of the wonder that SLO has to offer while walking and learning some of the interesting history of San Luis Obispo. This is a pre-paid event and you must purchase a ticket. The cost is $75 or $85 with alcohol. You can go here to buy a ticket and the maximum is 12 people. https://tasteofslowalkingfoodtour.com/fun-pics/ Please RSVP AFTER you have purchased your ticket and yes, you may bring a guest, but everyone needs to buy a ticket. We will be supporting a local business and eating our way through town at the same time, win-win? I think so. This tour lasts about 3 hours, so we should be done around 4ish and if there's a good movie playing, we can catch a movie afterwards or just keep wandering and eating and drinking. What could go wrong?

  • Odyssey World Cafe

    Odyssey World Cafe

    This month we're back in North County. The Odyssey World Cafe is where dream destinations come true! They consistently have great food for reasonable prices. It's also a great place to discuss where you're going next and get that trip booked! Let's come together over some delicious food and talk everything travel, best travel sites, travel insurance and how to find those low cost plane tickets on the fly.


    TASTE! craft eatery

    So this has been in my Queue for a long time. Taste is a great place to share "tapas" or smaller bites to try a variety of things. Many times when I travel with friends, this is how we like to eat so we can try several of the local dishes at one time. Let's get together and "taste" what this place has to offer as Summer is coming to an end and it's time to think about fall colors and where you're going to appreciate the cooler temps and stunning fall foliage. Apparently, this place is also award winning, This is from their website: "Thank you to all our customers for continuing to vote us one of the BEST restaurants in SLO County! * 2016, 17 & 18 NEW TIMES READERS POLL"Best Caterer" * 2016 & 17 "BEST RESTAURANT to treat yourself" * San Luis Obispo Tribune BEST OF THE BEST BURGERS * 2015, 16, 17 & 18 #1 rated restaurant on YELP * TripAdvisor Annual Excellence Award * 2014 NEW TIMES READERS POLL"BEST NEW RESTAURANT" Hope to see you all there!!

  • Meet and Eat Paso Robles

    Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association

    So this is another walking tour that includes lots of good food, wine and walking, along with some of the history of this stunning little town that has become a mecca for artists and wineries. This is our North County 'walking tour" and it's sure to be deliciously rewarding. Again, you will need to pre-purchase your own ticket. Please go here and buy one for October 5th: http://www.centralcoastfoodtours.com/paso-robles-tour Tickets are a bit more expensive than the SLO tour. This one will set you back $94. Also, welcome to Paso where that's a "great" deal :P But it will be so worth it what with all the food, wine, history and great company, right? If you're needing a rest after all of that, we can pop into the little theatre in town and catch a nice flick so we can sit in one place for a couple of hours. Hope to see you all there, I'm excited for this one.

  • Italy at Giuseppe's

    Giuseppe's Cucina Rustica

    I'm so fortunate, this summer I will be spending 3 weeks in Italy and will be there for Summer Solstice, attending a festival that has been happening for "centuries". I can hardly contain myself, I'm so excited!! Let's get together for some delicious Italian food and I can share what I have learned about traveling in Italy along with any tips to plan your own trip. Maybe I'll even be able to order in Italian as I am doing some language immersion. Show up to find out how good my Italian is at this point. :)

  • BBQ in December

    Jeffry's Wine Country BBQ | BBQ Restaurant Paso Robles CA

    We'll end the year with the most famous culinary delicacy in Paso Robles and in fact in many places in the Country.......no, it's not wine. Let's get together for some BBQ in December. There will be plenty of other fancy Holiday feasts with family and friends, cocktail parties and white elephant shenanigans. Allow me to show you one of the best kept secrets of the locals in Paso, Jeffry's Wine Country BBQ. It's hidden, tucked back in an alley and very easy for most tourists to miss, but oh my, the food!! So good!! Since I mentioned shenanigans and white elephants, this will be our own little Holiday celebration, so bring a "white elephant gift" valued at $25 or less and we'll have a bit of fun. This is on Saturday for those who may want to come and spend the day shopping in town. We'll have dinner early so we can partake in "Happy Hour" and then if there's a good movie playing we can hop into the theatre for the full date night "dinner and a movie" thing. This will also be a great time to chat about where we're going in 2020, set intentions and firm up those travel plans, hope to see you all there!