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This meetup group was created to encourage unity and networking within the paranormal community. Conducting research to prove anything is hard enough, which is why the more we work together and share information to better our chances to actually grow and prosper the field of paranormal research. This group is geared towards those involved in the field of paranormal research and investigation.

Our meetups are spontaneously scheduled at paranormal events, workshops and classes, and we usually casually network at these various events. People are encouraged to discuss any ideas, findings, or theories to enhance paranormal investigation, and to bring any topics or opinions that will continue our education in the field of the paranormal. All opinions and theories are respected and healthy debate is encouraged. If you are enthusiastic about the paranormal disciplines, enjoy socializing with people who respect your individual approach to the paranormal, and embrace with an open mind ANY unexplained phenomena - we invite you to become a part of the group!


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Edwin Shaw Hospital, 1621 Flickinger Road, Akron, Ohio.
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Originally named Springfield Lake Sanitarium, this hospital is located in the town of Lakemore in Summit County. The oldest portion of the hospital opened in 1915 as the area's tuberculosis hospital.The spirits of not only the tuberculosis victims (there are 246 buried in the hospital's cemetery), but also of children who committed suicide and those who fell victim to ill-fates, haunt the hospital and its grounds. Doors often open and close by themselves and sounds of spectral footsteps are often heard in the halls. The sounds of a meal being served in the mess hall are heard quite frequently, but upon inspection, the mess hall is empty. Sunshine Cottage opened in 1922 to give care for pediatric patients. In 1934, the hospital was renamed Edwin Shaw Hospital.Sunshine Cottage was expanded in the 1960s to include Sunshine Village. The Village was used to house orphans and/or abused children until it closed in 1985. Edwin Shaw Hospital is still in active use..

Longwood Manor, 1634 E. Aurora Rd., Macedonia, Ohio
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This 84 year old 3 storey building, with a basement, is haunted with EVP's, possibly Orbs, a little boy in the basement, and cold areas, and an apparition of an old lady was seen sitting in the bathtub. The bldg in the past, and the area around it, had been used for occult practices and rituals. Now owned by the Historical Society, renovations are in progress. Before renovations were complete, the home was rezoned from residential to commercial. Since the house was originally a residence, it did not meet several commercial code requirements. Until these codes are met, public activities and access to the house have been suspended. http://www.longwoodma... (http://www.longwoodmanor.org/)

The Frazee-Hynton house. 7733 Canal Road, Valley View, Ohio

Built between 1825 and 1827 by Stephen and Mehitable Frazee, this lonely house on a hill overlooks the old canal. Though it was rumored to have been a tavern, no evidence has been found to suggest it. It may have also served as a makeshift jail while the canal was under construction. The last owners of the home were the Foote family. It was purchased by the National Park Services in the 1970s. Remarkably, the house was never updated with indoor plumbing and electricity. Several paranormal legends are attached to this house. Stephen Frazee is believed to be haunting the building, as well as one of the Frazee's children who possibly passed away at a young age. There is also a story of a lynching on the property, when a canal digger was hung for his crimes.

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