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Yow! We here like to like to get social by relaxing (chilling, discussing diets, planning), partying (clubbing, breaking diets, getting feedback & celebrating), and moOoving that donkey too, especially in Dubai Marina!

Mobile Friendly webpage (what, why, who, how, fees): link (

- sample pix: link ( ( & vids: link ( (YT)
- groups orientation vids (The 3 Groups, The 3 Meetup Interfaces, The 3 Fees): link (
- more info webpage (Xtreme Yoga, Xtreme Ninjutsu, Bujinkan, Tori): link (


If u use the site for info (time, location, fees, etc.) then 1st meetup is free & 3 times less the rate afterwards (Fees below):
- Desktop Site (RECOMMENDED: all fonts & info, working code; at bottom in Mobile Site)
- Mobile Site (NOT RECOMMENDED: missing fonts & info, messy code)
- Meetup App (DO NOT USE: missing & hidden & inaccurate info, messy code)


{{{ !!! WHAT !!! }}}

If u want to organize such events then DO IT (by suggesting a meetup)!!!

There are 3 main meet ups every month:

1) Battle Briefing & Food Fight (laid back mingling, lounging, planning the month, & discussing diets)

2) Ass Whoopin Party (up tempo mingling, partying, taking feedback for & celebrating the month)

3) Whoop Ass Activity / Special Activity (different every time xD):
- Trampolines
- Water Sports (Stand Up Paddling, kayaking, water-rafting, surfing, etc.)
- Paint Balling / Laser Tagging
- Snooker / Pool games
- Amusement Park / Water Park visits
- Go Karting / Quad Biking / Dune Bugging
- Walking / Hiking / Camping
- Beach Sports / Park Sports
- Wall Climbing / Rock Climbing
- Boot Camps / Body Weight Training (parks, pools, etc.)
- Dancing (Street Dancing, etc.)
- Parkour Jams
- Performances in dance, fighting, cooking, music, etc.
- Festivals (e.g. Food Fest, Jazz Fest, Yoga Fest, etc.) & exhibitions
- Diet discussions & quiz games (esp. healthy e.g. vegan / raw / raw vegan)
- Workshops esp. in nature / hippie style venues


{{{ !!! WHY !!! }}}

To compensate for an unhealthy (acid forming) diet + high levels of stress (both increase heart rate to remove excess carbonic acid), the body uses alkaline forming minerals that help keep bones, blood, & organs healthy.

We here at Whoop Ass Party help to adjust your diet (Battle Briefing & Food Fight) AND reduce your stress (Ass Whoopin Party) AND burn your calories (Whoop Ass Activity) to keep you healthy, happy, and gay! :D


{{{ !!! HOW !!! }}}

Time and Location depends on your profile, activeness, & vote. For now, it is roughly every:
- first Friday afternoon: Battle Briefing & Food Fight @ various locations (esp. Marina / JBR)
- last Friday eve: Whoop Ass Party Ass Whoopin Party @ various locations (esp. Marina / JBR)
- random (usually 3rd) Friday / Saturday afternoon: special activity (from the list above) @ various locations (esp. Marina / JBR)

Check Upcoming or Calendar below for more accuracy & details.

Join us! I look forward to having some ass whoopin funz with youz!
Mowrow / Row / Mowrad Rownak


{{{ FEES }}}

Single events: mentioned under each event's description under Fees. Other rates below.

A) Package Deals:
- Package 1) 10 sessions over 2 months: AED300
- Package 2) 5 sessions over 1 month: AED150
- Package 3) 3 sessions over 2 weeks: AED90

B) Membership Deals - depends on status:
- 0) Literate Noobs: use site for info (ask only if really needed) & update. No need to join/RSVP: FREE for 1st event
- 1) Full Members (Partnerz): complete profile (Q's, good pic), use site for info, confirm on site, commit to confirms, data package + page & groups membership on FB & WhatsApp, unique & helpful reviews, follow all rules, monthly auto payment (details below): minimal payment
- 2) Half Members (Meetuperz): in between Full and Quarter Memberz: medial payment
- 3) Quarter Members: Alienz (Non Memberz) / Shadowz (incomplete profile) / AzkHolez (don't use site for info) / Intruderz (don't confirm on site) / Flakerz (don't update as requested below): maximal payment.

B1) June to August (AED / month):
Increases every month without Monthly Auto Payment (details below).
- 0) Literate Noobs: FREE for 1st event
- 1) Full Members: June: 25, July: 50, August: 75
- 2) Half Members: June: 50, July: 100, August: 150
- 3) Quarter Members: June: 75, July: 150, August: 225

B2) September to May (AED / month):
Same every month.
- 0) Literate Noobs: FREE for 1st event
- 1) Full Members: 100
- 2) Half Members: 200
- 3) Quarter Members: 300

B3) Weekday / Weekend / Week: divide the amount above by:
- 4 for a weekday (e.g. Quarter Member on a Thursday in June? 75/4 = AED20)
- 3 for a weekend (e.g. Half Member on a Saturday in September? 200/3 = AED65)
- 2 for a week (e.g. Full Member for week 3 in May? 100/2 = AED50)

1 payment counts in2 all 3 groups: Age of Rage of Range (, Bujinkan Tori Dubai (, and Whoop Ass Party (

Monthly Auto Payment (Full Memberz): monthly (every 1st of the month) auto (preferably via PayPal / online banking) payment; same rate from time u join till next June => join earlier = less rate. Recommended to use PayPal (can link to debit card) @ Pay Online (Desktop Site on left after log in) to auto update ur profile without needing receipt. Otherwise AED500 / year.

Flakerz (Quarter Memberz): any confirm must be updated otherwise charged anyway. If on same day of event: ALSO call / SMS event host, if less than 1 hour from event: cannot change.

Contribution: month may be discounted if u help (e.g. sub as host, help with training / transport / admin / marketing). For new referral: you get 25% discount / commission (u can tell ur referral to ask u for info / discount to ensure you get it).

First time anyone joins requires maximal payment / package 3 deal to cover extra admin, otherwise single event rate.


{{{ CONTACT }}}

Add me to:
1) get urgent / important updates / annoucements
2) get training alerts not on Meetup
3) get to network with others
4) get more info about training & wellbeing
5) get help attending training (directions, etc.)
6) get to be known better
7) get customized training to suit u (time, location, training) <-- if u are active!

My contact (use only after registration!):
- Site: (
- SM: / (add -> intro).
- WhatsApp: 055 919 6179.


{{{ Training Groups }}}

For much more active & training oriented meet ups, join the following 2 groups:

1) Bujinkan Tori: self defense & development by the art of Ninjutsu & Samurai

Link: (check Upcoming or Calendar for accuracy & details)

2) Age of Rage of Range: outdoor fitness by calisthenics (body weight workout), arts of flight, & others.

Link: (check Upcoming or Calendar for accuracy & details)



We are a non-commercial/profit group with officially trained practitioners (Ninjutsu from Bujinkan Tori, Parkour from American Parkour, etc.).

Attendance is solely at your own risk and responsibility, though we do ensure minimal chance for injury through safe-guards and experience.

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