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Want to be a WARRIOR WOMAN IN BUSINESS? Meet like-minded ladies who love to kick butt in business and enjoy private high end social and networking events. Brought to you by the Producer of The WARRIOR WOMAN IN BUSINESS Podcast series, this Meetup provides ongoing opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs to gain access to Female Leaders, network with future clients, private VIP event invites in NYC and much more!

We provide special events with female leaders and celebrities and as well partner with other Meetup organizers to bring to you a top curated list of programs to ensure your business growth and full support of other local WARRIOR WOMEN . WWIB is a national program serving women in business around the U.S. Meet WWIB Coaches, check our Warrior custom clothing and more on h https://warriorwomenbusiness.com/

So watch out for new Meetup announcements and feel free to recommend yours!!!! Let's create a real WARRIOR WOMEN in Business support group!

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Ecommerce & Fashion - Learn how to start your own fashion brand and sell online!

Q&A intensive on SEO, Ecommerce and Fashion: What You Need to Know to Build and Sell a Fashion Brand Online 1/27 6pm-7pm Only on Warriorwomenbusiness.com. RSVP Mandatory. This is a FREE class! Tina Trevino, CEO of Tocaya Brands and Jasmine Sandler, Global ecommerce and SEO consultant and CEO of WWIB, pair up to deliver an intensive Q&A covering all that any female entrepreneur in the world of selling products online needs to know! The pair will cover everything from: How to create a brand from an idea How to brand your products online How to set up an ecommerce store How to optimize your store for customer traffic How to best promote your products online and where And much much more! Some of the questions they will answer include: I have an idea for a (fashion. jewelry, apparel, shoe) brand and want to sell it online. Where do I even start? I have an existing brand and want to start selling online? What’s my first step? I have an ecommerce store and am having trouble getting customers. What are some things I can do? There are so many ways to sell. How do I determine which and where? What type of budget do I need for selling online? How do I start manufacturing my product idea? How much money do I need to start an ecommerce business? How do I choose what to sell online when I have a lot of ideas? How can I have an ecommerce store and business while I have a job (or other business)? What do I need to have to start designing (or building a fashion brand) What is SEO and how can it help my ecommerce store? Does it depend on what ecommerce platform I should use and why? What do I need to design and or manage an ecommerce website? How does fulfillment and distribution work? How does packaging work? How does shipping work? How can I get influencers to support my brand? What are the basics I can do in social media to drive ecommerce sales? Join us on 1/27 at 6PM EST. Only on Warriorwomenbusiness.com. RSVP! This is a FREE class!

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