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Welcome to the Women CyberSecurity Society!

WCS2 has moved our chapter registrations to our website. In ensure you receive updates, special offers, and more, use the link below to sign up.https://womencybersecuritysociety.org/chapter-sign-up-1

The Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) is a registered non-profit providing support, information, and resources to women and minorities who are interested in a cybersecurity career. Parents and male advocates welcome!

We aim to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations who are interested in increasing diversity and making this industry more inclusive for women.

Our events are available online and locally and developed to provide value to both new and veteran Cybers. Workshops, information sessions, and mentoring events are held weekly with local social events on a monthly basis.

You can support women from around the globe by signing our International Women in Cyber Day petition, http://chng.it/nf5vKhNPpr

Join the movement or become an IWCD Ambassador.https://womencybersecuritysociety.org/iwcd


Lisa Kearney

President & CEO

Women CyberSecurity Society

International Women in Cyber Day

Twitter: @womencssociety @womenincyberdayWebsite: https://womencssociety.org#cybersecurity #women #support #mentorship #workshops #leadership #WomenCSSociety #womenincyberday #Recruit #Retrain #Retain #IWCD2020 #TipTheScale

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