What we're about

Hi! This group is meant to create connection, community, and support between those who consider themselves an "Old Soul".

How do you know you are an "Old Soul"? There is a lot of information online - George I. Gurdjieff and the four way.

This community allows you to relate to other like-hearted and like-minded people and question the invisible and limiting (yet powerful, automatic and inherent) mindsets and beliefs.

Where "Awkwardness", "Friction" and "Uncomfortable" are accepted and embraced - as they are part of the natural process of growth.

I think it would be lovely to achieve this - " ALL AGES, ALL SIZES, ALL SHAPES, ALL COLORS, ALL PREFERENCE...GROUP" where we can just "Be" in the company of others without judgment and why not, while doing that: walk, see the sunset, talk or maybe not talk at all (I swear it happens hahaha), share experiences and ideas, explore, nature, teach, learn, heal, drink tea or coffee, talk about spirituality, go on hikes, have fun, do nothing at all, contemplate, meditate, you name it....

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