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Welcome to The Wealth and Health Empowerment Network!! It doesn't matter what state or country you live in; we want you if you're awesome!

Our group’s aim is to educate, empower, and encourage our members who strive towards total health and wealth prosperity. Our main goal is to serve as a networking resource providing "triple-wins" where we all can benefit from health, wealth, and wellness solutions catered to meet the needs of all our group members!

Speak up, speak out, add to us, repeat! Become a major part of our new mission; to evolve as group business affiliates, impacting lives as we grow and improve. We're all WINNERS naturally, so let's just come together and brainstorm... let's network, learn, create and connect with new creative friends, business affiliates (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1116393081858779), potential customers, and paying clients across the globe!

Do you appreciate personal growth, business strategy, and holistic health? If so, we want you! You may even be a great fit for our leadership team! If not, we still want you!

Join us to bounce ideas around and to get some stress off your chest. Teamwork makes the dream work; be the huge blessing in your personal circle to share information with those who need it! Be a voice here! Be an inspiration!

If you are passionate about health, wealth, business building, holistic wellness, financial literacy, smart real estate strategies, supporting health non-profits, selfless global charity, meeting new people, and building your business brand, join us for:

• "Motivational Mondays" calls and webinars

• "Tell Us Tuesdays" live business showcase

• "Work Your Passion Wednesdays" monthly webinar

• "Thirsty Thursdays" antioxidizing water webinar

• "Feel Good Fridays" weekly call

• meet and greet networking events

• vendor business showcasing events

• antioxidant "Holistic Health Calls"

• live informative health presentations

• exciting interactive health demos

• beauty business events and webinars

• non-profit fundraising for your favorite organizations

• financial literacy events for kids and adults

• real estate seminars and training

• business coaching and interactive Q&A

• brilliant business brainstorming

• random raffle drawings at all events (with RSVP confirmation)

We hope you'll find us to be beneficial to you, your family and your growing business! Your views and opinions matter here! BE AWESOME, RSVP, and participate; if you've joined our group, remember to introduce yourself after you complete your 5-question profile!! Welcome again, we’re glad to have you and your guests. Be well! Stay blessed! Pay it forward! Go make things happen! To your good health and wealth!

- Reese Glover, Organizer; Health and Wealth Global Advocate

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... Feel Good Friday Mornings, with Mr. Demond Crump!!!

Start your weekly, weekend, wind down with powerful, positive encouragement!!!

Tune-In Every Friday Morning: 8:30am EST / 7:30am CST / 6:30am MST / 5:30am PST

Dial-In:[masked]; Access Code:[masked]#

Pour into your plans and your purpose, invite your family and friends!!!


We Can Self-Heal As Our Bodies Were Designed To Do

Our bodies were created with the ability to SELF-HEAL. It's in our DNA by design. Learn about HOLISTIC HEALTH AND NATURAL HEALING; learn about the HEALTH BENEFITS OF IMMUNOCAL... Things your physician WILL NOT share with you! Call (the number below) for the SUNDAY 9PM WEEKLY IMMUNOCAL HEALTH CALL and get your health questions answered about self-healing!

What is IMMUNOCAL? (http://lifethrive.publishpath.com/Websites/lifethrive/Files/Content/1107651/ProductSheet_Immunocal_US.pdf) IMMUNOCAL is "food for your immune system." An "ANTI-AGING MEDICINE" NUTRACEUTICAL; a GLUTATHIONE (GSH) precursor, scientifically proven to A.I.D.E. your body in raising and maintaining your GSH levels at the intracellular level.

IMMUNOCAL is the ONLY NUTRACEUTICAL to hold a spot in the Physician Desk Reference (http://www.immunotec.com/IRL/Public/en/pdfs/PDR.pdf) primarily because of its INTERNATIONAL PHARMA PATENT FOR METHOD OF USE for HIV and Cancer. Pay close attention to the INDICATIONS AND USAGE AND BE SURE TO COMPARE THE WARNINGS SECTION with the pharmaceuticals on the other pages and with the ones you are currently taking (https://www.drugs.com/drp/immunocal-powder-sachets.html). This natural Whey Protein Cysteine Isolate is "something everybody needs to function stronger, healthier, smarter and longer."

How does IMMUNOCAL work? IMMUNOCAL works by allowing your body to NATURALLY MAKE IT'S OWN GLUTATHIONE ( https://youtu.be/98uFn3dp2co ).

GLUTATHIONE (GSH) is our body's MASTER ANTIOXIDANT and DETOXIFYING AGENT. It recharges and recycles all the antioxidants in our cells. None of the antioxidants we're taking/consuming, whether in food or vitamin form, will ever function without the presence of GLUTATHIONE. Therefore, they would NEVER serve their necessary purpose for improved cell function.

GSH has earned its title as the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT because our lives DEPEND UPON IT! It's the optimal cellular health A.I.D.E. (Antioxidant, Immune Booster, Detoxifier and Energizer); without GLUTATHIONE our cells would deteriorate. KEEP YOUR INTELLECT SHARP when it comes to your own HEALTH AND WEALTH! Ask your physician about GLUTATHIONE AND IMMUNOCAL... watch their response!

(For more information; www.spreadhealthgivelife.com and videos:

"Fight against cancer, hepatitis, and other serious illnesses." (https://youtu.be/W_pRUeETP2E (https://youtu.be/W_pRUeETP2E)))

"Advances in the treatment of Autism" ( https://youtu.be/0OH3nUT1Yqg)

WHERE:[masked]; PIN:[masked]#
WHY: So that you may improve the current health circumstances for you, your family and those you care about; then be rid of the toxic pharmaceutical, side-effect causing, liver and kidney damaging medications!

Once you explain to your physician how IMMUNOCAL IS IN THEIR PDR ON THEIR SHELF, DEMAND THEY WRITE YOU A PRESCRIPTION (watch their response). Once you start taking it, in proper dosage, when your physician notices the health improvements and how the proof is in YOUR LAB RESULTS, they will eventually take you off the pharmaceutical toxic medications.

Hope you find the above links informative and helpful. If you would like SPECIFIC HEALTH CALL REPLAY INFORMATION or to learn even more about the life changing benefits of IMMUNOCAL feel free to contact me on MeetUps or E-mail: [masked] –put “HEALTH WHENer” in the subject or heading). Your health and the health of your loved ones are important to you TODAY, why wait 'til tomorrow? ... Why not start learning more about SELF-HEALING TODAY! ( http://www.spreadhealthgivelife.com )

(Source: http://www.immunotec.com/IRL/Public/en/USA/science_understanding.wcp?&site=SpreadHealth)

🚨 [ONLINE] Deals Meetup: Find & Pitch Deals * Network Partner Invest (7pm EST)

Link visible for attendees

ZOOM LINK >> RSVP to Get Zoom Link

1ST WEDNESDAYS * 100% Online Virtual Meeting
7:00pm EST - Deals Meetup Starts
9:00pm EST - Meeting After Meeting Starts


Join 100+ Investors ONLINE

Submit Your Deals Early... https://www.DealsMeetup.com

What's This Meeting All About?

ZOOM LINK >> RSVP to Get Zoom Link

[ + ] Pitching, Sharing, and Doing DEALS to MAKE YOU MONEY
[ + ] Discovering HOW TO DO DEALS
[ + ] Finding Great DEALS
[ + ] Hot Deals. Money Partners. Cash Buyers

You will have access to a VIRTUAL ROOM full of over 1000 deals of experience to help you put your deal together. The answers to your questions will definitely be in our ONLINE DEALS MEETUP.

Pitch Your Deals or Find Great Deals

ZOOM LINK >> RSVP to Get Zoom Link

You can bring your deals to share with others. You can ask questions about deals you are evaluating or considering. You can actually do a deal right there at the meeting!

We will cover the PROS and CONS to a deal and show you how you turn DEALS into QUICK CASH and PASSIVE INCOME with little to no risk.

[ + ] Find Great Deals
[ + ] Pitch Your Deals
[ + ] Come to Network Partner Invest

INVITING ALL Investors, Agents, & Real Estate Professionals

ZOOM LINK >> RSVP to Get Zoom Link

Join our team for the MEETING AFTER THE MEETING after Deals Meetup for extended personal discussion on how to join our Deal Finders Challenge to do MORE DEALS and make MORE MONEY!!!

[ + ] Do you have a good DEAL that you want to share?
[ + ] Are you looking for your 1st or NEXT real estate DEAL?
[ + ] Are you looking for private or hard money, contractors, motivated sellers, tenants, or buyers?
[ + ] Want to KNOW how local investors are putting together profitable DEALS?
[ + ] Would you like to network and ‘talk shop’ with the area’s most experienced investors?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you MUST attend our DEALS MEETUP ONLINE.

1ST WEDNESDAYS * 100% Online Virtual Meeting

ZOOM LINK >> RSVP to Get Zoom Link

7:00pm EST - Deals Meetup Starts
9:00pm EST - Meeting After Meeting Starts

Please Support Our Sponsors


We've been asked by many of you to sponsor the Deals Meetup. You and your business can now sponsor the Deals Meetup to grow your business with a growing nationwide real estate meetup that is ALL ABOUT DEALS.

You Too Can Now Sponsor the Deals Meetup

Become a Sponsor... http://bit.ly/DealsMeetupSponsors

General Contractor
Property Manager / Tenant Placement
Residential Mortgage Lender/Broker
Commercial Mortgage Lender/Broker
Title Company
Law Firm / Legal Services (Legal Shield)
Credit Repair Services
Hard Money / Private Money
Home / Property Inspector
Real Estate Agent / Broker
Interior Design / Architect
Project / Renovation Management
Hauling / Trash Removal
Community Bank
Virtual Offices
Home Improvement Supplier
Restoration Services
Self-Directed IRAs
Financial Planner

1ST WEDNESDAYS * 100% Online Virtual Meeting

ZOOM LINK >> RSVP to Get Zoom Link

7:00pm EST - Deals Meetup Starts
9:00pm EST - Meeting After Meeting Starts

This is a great event to network, find deals, find private money, partner on deals, discover how to do deals, etc.

Hope to see you ONLINE!

Andre Johnson

PS - Would you like us to help you FIND HOT Off-Market MOTIVATED Seller LEADS?!? JOIN Deal Finders Challenge... https://bit.ly/DealFindersChallengeEvent

New Member Meet & Greet, 1/2 Off Apps. & Drink Specials. All Members Welcome!

Hello Everyone!

Please read this invite all the way to the end, Thank You!

New Member Meet & Greet at Firefly Grill and Bar, Alpharetta, 6pm-10pm.
Exit 11, if Going North on 400, make a right at the light, go 1 mile, just passed the CVS on the right. Lots of Free parking.

1/2 off Appetizers & Drink Specials!
See below the great 1/2 off Appetizers & Drink Specials Firefly is offering, for our Event!

Many New Members to meet, never any "Clique's" at this event. Most Everyone is as new, as most of you will be. ***We always have lots of great New Members & Guests. You are never the only New Member!!
(All) Members and their guests are welcome!!

This is a (( Multi-Meetup )) Group Event!

Please come say Hello at the Greeting table, receive a name tag, which will allow you to receive these Great Food and Drink Specials!

1/2 off Appetizers: Prices are already discounted
Blue Cheese Chips - $4
Firefly Deviled Eggs - $4
Hand Battered Chicken Bites - $4
Bruschetta - $6
Fried Calamari - $7
Fried Green Tomatoes $4.50
Portobello Mushrooms - $5
Drink Specials:
$5 House Wine
$5 Mixed Well Drinks
$3 select Beer

Bring friends, family, C0-workers. Socializing, Eating & Drinking starts at 6pm. If you need to get there after start time, "No Problem!" Come in anytime between the listed hours. **You can even come in earlier if you are in the area. I will be there early.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
I look forward to seeing you there!

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