What we're about

Family Restoration and Economic Empowerment (FREE) focuses on replacing
poverty, crime, and other disparities with economic and educational
opportunities to empower and encourage disadvantaged communities to use
community resources, build partnerships and organize to improve conditions. We
increase awareness, promote change, and create an outlet for community voice

• Encouraging our program participants to commit to an individual prosperity plan
• Connecting businesses, churches, & community groups with funding sources and technical support
• Building a community based enterprise for health, green living, entrepreneurship and job creation
• Cause marketing to generate revenue from loyal corporations and higher income community members supportive of our community job creation efforts
• Developing resources for teens in foster care, pregnant, delinquent, high school dropouts, etc.
• Collectively creating community and media voice to organize efforts and create change Identifying challenges & disparities in our communities
• Educating our program participants on building a community network
• Promoting education by offering assistance with applying for school, scholarships, and grants
• Providing an outlet for us as community members to express concerns
• Educating our communities on how to be heard and build a community network

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