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We are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing mutual support and resources for growing our businesses.

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The Fortune is in the Follow-Up and Virtual Networking

Get your seat now! Space is limited! You must register here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/c36811614ac0fd6ec5b9141539e44ee6 In business development and sales, moving from cardboard connecting to the transaction is an intricate dance with a variety of styles and requires that you navigate the fine line between being persistent and being annoying. Move from being a peddler to a professional by uncovering 3 follow-up steps from my upcoming book “Sales Growth Guaranteed”. The goal is the “Lean In” conversation: • Time is money - How to identify the true buyer • Online, on the phone and in person – How does your prospect communicate • Appointment setting - How to frame an effective one to one conversation Facilitated by internationally known speaker, author and award-winning coach Donna Smith Bellinger whose corporate experience in sales, leadership and business development has enabled her to create and implement strategies that generate “Sales Growth Guaranteed” for her clients... Which the title of her soon to be released book. You must register here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/c36811614ac0fd6ec5b9141539e44ee6

Top 10 reasons you aren’t making money - and professional networking

You work hard. REALLY hard. But you aren’t making (or keeping!) money. There are easy steps to identifying where that money may be going and how to keep more of your hard earned profits. Come with your defenses down and your mind open to learning how you can increase your profits without increasing your hours and stress. Guided mastermind atmosphere . All female entrepreneurs welcome! This restaurant is a “counter service” coffee shop and cafe. Stop to make your order before joining the group if you would like breakfast or a cup of coffee. We do encourage the purchase of food/beverage at our hosting locations. If you are new to the group, feel free to bring cards to pass. You’ll be given time to introduce yourself and your business to the group. This is a non-exclusive gathering so we are open to multiple participants from the same business type ( more than one realtor, etc) . Be prepared to meet your next colleague, collaborator or client.

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