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WESOS was founded on the idea of the power of collaboration rather than the stress of competition in business.

We all become brand advocates for each other our businesses!

How would your business and your life change if you surrounded yourself with a group of women that refused to let you fail?

At WESOS our intention for the past 7 years has been:

We are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing mutual support and resources for growing our businesses.

We are a nationwide group of women entrepreneurs supporting women in business!

www.wesosnetwork.com (http://wesosnetwork.com)

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Three Keys to a Powerful Presentation That Move People to Action!

When an opportunity comes our way, most entrepreneurs are ready to grab it! What about when a speaking opportunity is presented to you? Is your reaction the same? Do you grab it immediately? Or, do you agonize and torture yourself knowing you should do it, but you are too scared, nervous, lack confidence, etc? Theresa Sperling, Coach and Trainer with Achieve That Next Level, will share three keys to not only help you prepare for speaking opportunities, but also make the most of your time in front of potential clients. Join us and you too can be ready to share your message at every opportunity! • Important to know: Please be aware, we your value your RSVP as a commitment. Repeat offenders will automatically be moved to the wait-list for: 1) RSVP "going" and not attending the meeting 2) Changing RSVP from "going" to "not going" less than 24 hours before the meeting begins Understandably, cars break down & people get sick which is why we run on a "3 strikes and you're wait-listed" policy. We thank you for your understanding as we do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to attend our meetings.

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Top Marketing Tips for Attracting More Ideal Clients

Opera House Steak & Seafood

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