What we're about

• Have you ever known the truth of something that was just outside your grasp to fully integrate and then it suddenly clicked?

• If you haven’t, wouldn’t you love to?

It happened to me!

Throughout my life I have always connected with science. I loved the things that could be proven; things that I could see. AND I kept experiencing things that couldn’t be explained. As an adult, I became a fulltime wildlife biologist and wildland firefighter and even in that role, I constantly experienced an inner knowing about what would best serve the animals and our planet. I didn’t realize that I was using my intuitive gifts in those moments. I vacillated between thinking everyone was like me and that something was wrong with me and the sense that there was more, just outside my reach, never left. Until, over the last decade, as I began to step into my gifts, I realized that EVERYTHING was within my grasp.

Because of my lifelong affinity for all creatures, I have honed my gifts to provide services to all. I bridge the language gap between owners and their beloved animals, as well as provide physical healing and relief of anxiety and trauma.

This MeetUp will focus on allowing you to…

• Move into what is real and true for you

• Gain clarity through Intuitive Facilitation

• Surrender old dogma, doctrine, imprinting and programming

• Experience profound physical healing

• Unlock the gifts that you were born to enjoy

• Connect with loved ones who are no longer in the physical body

• Discover methods to support you in your health and happiness

• Clear energetic connections to experiences and people in current or past lives

Bringing this awareness and this freedom to others is my calling and my distinct privilege.

About Your Certified Practitioner

Alicia Sweezer, Bachelor of Science, is a Nationally Certified Practitioner of Access Consciousness® Bars, Energetic Healings, Clearings, Animal Communicating, Animal Reiki Certified, Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Certified Professional Life Coaching, Intuitive Mentoring, Certified Spirituality Coaching and a Best-Selling Author. Using her brilliant intuitive and healing talents, Alicia allows her clients to connect with the Truth of who they really are, bringing their unique gifts and light to the world. Alicia is available for private sessions by appointment at 623-670-2192. For more information check out her website at www.whoknewhealing.com.

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Insights with Alicia!-FREE!

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Let’s get together and see what the universe and ME wants to say each week! I often will say things and people always want to know more about it. Sooo let’s do this!

It’s going to be so much fun! I love teaching and sharing things I see, learn, and know. Grab your favorite beverage and join me!

Each week will be different. I will talk about lots of things, including:
-All things psychic, lots of good stuff for my empaths out there
-Tools-you know I always have some kind of homework for you
-Life skills
-And whatever other insights I have 😁

These will be recorded so if you miss one, you’ll be able to view it on my YouTube channel. Subscribe now so you don’t miss out! (1) Alicia Sweezer - YouTube

Also, if you want more of these kinds of insights sign up for my blog! Blog (whoknewhealing.com) or newsletter at www.whoknewhealing.com.

Cost–FREE, and if you'd like to give to my cosmic tip jar here is the link, thank you! https://www.paypal.me/whoknewhealing.com

For questions or additional information please message me here, or text me at[masked] or email me at [masked].

Psychic readings will not be given.

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Insights with Alicia!-FREE!

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