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Why are You Yelling? Taming the Triggers and Turning the Family Volume Way Down
This is a Virtual Presentation using "Zoom" technology “Why are You Yelling? Taming the Triggers and Turning the Family Volume Way Down” Yelling is one of the side effects of ADHD that the textbooks don’t mention, but that can be positively crazy making. As parents, no matter how hard we try, sometimes we end up yelling because we don’t know what else to do, or because it works (and we hate that), or because we can’t help ourselves. Our kids end up yelling for similar reasons. Drawing on principles from the coach approach to parent management, this interactive workshop will help you understand the nuances behind the “yelling” in your home, and offer strategies for calming everyone down. If you came to this conference because you want to shift the tone of your home from a hot mess to a calm, peaceful family life, then this is the workshop for you. Speaker Bio: Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC -- certified coach, author, co-Founder of ImpactADHD®, and co-creator of Sanity School®. A sought after speaker for parents and educators, Elaine provides training, coaching and support for parents and teachers of “complex” kids -- around the globe, online and on the phone. A lifelong advocate for public health, Elaine has served on Georgia’s Governor’s Council for Maternal and Infant Health and as a parent advisor for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Regularly featured in ADDitude and Attention magazines, she is the co-author of Parenting ADHD Now! Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD, and the mother of 3 young adults in an ADHD++ Family of 5. Find a wealth of resources on her award-winning blog at

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