Executive Functioning Challenges in ADHD: The Issue that Won’t Go Away

West LA CHADD for Adults/Parents dealing with ADHD/ADD
West LA CHADD for Adults/Parents dealing with ADHD/ADD
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Dr. Karen Wilson is our featured speaker for November. She writes this about her presentation: "Contrary to what many believe, the brain is not fully finished developing until approximately age 25, and the brain continues to do some “fine-tuning” in adulthood, particularly in those areas associated with executive functioning. In this session, Dr. Karen Wilson, a clinical neuropsychologist, will discuss executive functioning issues associated with AD/HD and the relationship between executive functioning, risk-taking, and mood."

Dr. Karen Wilson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director of West LA Neuropsychology, and an Assistant Clinical Professor (Voluntary) in the Medical Psychology Assessment Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior at UCLA. She specializes in the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents, and she has extensive experience evaluating children and adults who present with neurological, medical, and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Wilson is also the Founder of ChildNEXUS.com, a web platform that provides information to parents who have children struggling with neurodevelopmental or social-emotional issues.