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Wooey Wednesday!
Like a Reiki Share, but Everything!

What is "Wooey"?

"Wooey" is a "Stacie-ism" for metaphysical, spiritual, visionary, Ashevilly, groovy, hippie, New Earth, nature/cosmic baby kinda thang. Some people use the word "woo woo" to put people like us down. I have fully claimed the term "wooey" instead. It's OUR word. Plus, it sounds like something you exclaim when you are having hella fun... ~Wooooooo Weeeeeeee~!

What is Wooey Wednesday?

WW is a time and space to chill out with other members of your local tribe to meet new people, hear about new things, do "show and tell", check out what everyone is into, and mostly... to play, have fun, and create community. We live in one of the most vibrant, wooey-liscious places on the planet. We should KNOW each other better, riiiight?

So far, we have placed Wooey Wednesday on the last Wednesday of most months. We do seem to take off December, January, and sometimes February because we work retail and wholesale and those are ridiculous months for us to book anything.

Do you make something?

Bring it! If someone wants to buy it, groovy! Only bring enough to sit immediately in front of you though. Whatever you got... as long as it's suitable for gentle folk to witness, ~is legal~, and might be something that group members might enjoy. Any $ transactions are your business.

Do you make something that you want people to sample?

Chocolate? Hot sauce? Tinctures? Hand cream? Are you trying to get people to know about whatever cool goodness you create that is consumable? Bring all the things you need to offer samples, and make sure you clean up after yourself, but otherwise... heck yeah, I want a taste or a smear.... or a whiff! I double invite you if you make chocolate!

Do you have some stuff you want to give away?

We all have things that we are just done with, but someone else might enjoy. Don't go overboard and make the conference room look like Goodwill, but if you have rocks, books, clothing, or whatever that is small enough to manage in a crowded space that you'd like to pass along, or offer as a love offering to something, bring it! Please make sure you ~remove and take back with you~ anything that didn't get a new home.

Do you have an event you are facilitating in the near future and want to share it with others?

Bring your literature, cards, and tell us about it with your 2 minute introduction!

Do you have a service you provide that you can share easily in 15 minute (or so) sessions?

We've had astrologers, tarot card readers, Reiki practitioners, Sound Healers, Monochords, Pyramids, selenite benches, Heart Clearings, Fairy Hair, massage therapists, and so on... who have done mini sessions, sometimes for a love donation, sometimes for a set small fee. Just let people know what you consider fair when you introduce yourself. You can choose to do freebies. All of that is your business.

Do you have a specialty or a funky cool knowledge base you'd like to share or a business that is a service you want people to know about?

Tell us about it! In your 2 minute intro you can tell us what you're into and see if there are any other lovers of whatever you love out there. Kindred!
Also, if you are really, really well versed... tell me about it and we can consider booking you for an Guest Speaker slot during the year.

Do you like rocks?

Seriously, we are super rock geeks. Christopher Lee Matthews (my metaphysical co-worker and friend) often creates ridiculously potent group meditation sized crystal grids that he then uses to magnify sound healing work. If y'all know him, you know that it's worth it to just show up for that. It's never promised. He sometimes can't do it, but when he does... it's faaaaaaaantastic.

Come on by and get your WOO on. :) All ages. Everyone is welcome. ~Please register to make sure we don't make the Fire Marshal mad.~