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This meet-up group is geared for people who are looking to get some exercise by walking and hiking at a more moderate and easier pace than what the usual hiking club in the greater Asheville area offers. We will seek out more level hiking trails with no more than 1,500 foot elevations and range anywhere from 3 - 8 miles in length. Not all our hikes are easy; we just do all of them at an easy pace. Also be aware of your own capabilities as one person's easy is another person's hard.

Hikes and walks will mostly be on the rugged trails of Western North Carolina, but periodically we will have outings to parks and urban areas of cities and towns in the greater Asheville area.

All our hikes/walks have an added social element of either starting or ending the walks and hikes with an optional shared meal at a restaurant near the hiking/walking meet-up spot.


1. We will follow ALL laws, rules, and regulations in any and all areas we visit. That means NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, E-CIGARETTES or DRUGS on the trail.

2. Firearms and weapons of any kind are not allowed on our hikes.

3. We go as a group; we return as a group and don’t leave people alone in the forest.

4. Our hike levels are rated in the descriptions as follows: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. To be allowed on an intermediate or advanced hike you must have reached the T-shirt level of having participated in 25-hikes with our club. NO EXCEPTIONS! We don’t care if you just came back from hiking Mt. Everest this policy will be adhered to.

5. Where allowed, well behaved dogs are allowed, but all rules of any parks and/or trails must be adhered to by the dog's owner such as keeping them leashed (no more than 6-feet) at all times which are the ordinances in the Counties we hike in. Be prepared to pick-up after your dog should they defecate as this is also an ordinance in the Counties we hike. Offending dog's owners will have their membership terminated immediately.

6. By joining any hike or walk you accept all responsibility and costs for yourself and will not hold any of the organizers, assistant organizers or hosts liable for any injuries you may incur during an event. You should know your own capabilities and inform organizers or hosts if an activity is beyond your limits and wish to wait somewhere safe until the group is ready to return to their cars or trail-head. It is important to make sure your health insurance is up to date and you have proper ID as well as your insurance card with you.

7. The intention of our meet-up is to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and be active. Active also means participating. Therefore, if after 3-months you have not participated in any scheduled events; you will be removed as a member and not allowed to re-join.

8. If you are a “no show”, which means you have RSVP’d as “GOING” and you have not changed your response to “NOT GOING”, four times, you will be terminated as a member and not allowed to re-join. In the event of a last minute emergency and you cannot get to a computer call Ron J. Miller – Organizer at: 828-275-3070 and it will be marked as an excused absence, instead of a “no show”.

9. Please let your organizer or hike leader know of any health conditions you may have before the hike begins. If you have medical conditions or take any prescription medications it is advisable to wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace with that information on it.

10. It is imperative that you wear proper gear when hiking as in proper hiking shoes or boots, not sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, running shoes or anything other than hiking footwear, even though they make hiking sandals. Hiking sandals do not give your foot the proper support for the types of terrain we have in the areas we hike. For most hikes not even low top hiking shoes are advisable because a high top boot style hiking shoe will give your ankles much more support. If you are not wearing proper footwear you will be sent home and not allowed to hike.

11. Hiking poles are not mandatory on most hikes, but are highly recommended as they help you in keeping a good pace, burn more calories and help with balance going up and down steep trails and creek crossings as well as log bridges. A rain poncho is also recommended as part of your gear as sudden rains can often happen in the mountains, especially in the summer months. For when your feet get wet an extra pair of socks is also a good idea to have along.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

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