What we're about

What World Writers are ALL ABOUT:

We are a group of writers who love to create worlds from words. We're both experienced and not so experienced. Our ages range from 18 upwards.

Creating fictional environments is termed 'world building' in publishing circles.

Novels, novellas, short stories, poems, verse, even songs require some form of world building. And if you currently write or desire to write in these literary areas, we'd love to meet you and share your worlds.

The wonderful thing for writers and artists is that we create these totally new worlds from nothing other than our own imaginations.

What World Writers are NOT ABOUT!:

Sadly, (except during our occasional workshops on getting published), NON-FICTION subjects are NOT handled at all. Our focus is purely on FICTION.
So, therefore, NON-FICTION subjects such as; scientific, financial, political, historical (including family histories), travel, academic, or general essays, are NOT covered by our group.
We're explaining this so you know what to expect when attending, and the kind of writing we do accept during our meetings.

So, just who is a writer? Well, anyone really.

We all possess certain creative abilities, it's simply a matter of unlocking any hidden creative ability in whatever form it takes, and setting it free. Every writer can relate a story on why they developed a love of writing, whether from childhood, or later in life.

There's no snobbery in writing either, (well, at least, there shouldn't be!). Everyone has something to offer in whatever literary genre they feel most at home with. And that's what our 'World Writers' Meetup group is all about.

We hold our friendly, encouraging meetings every fortnight, on Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm till 8.45pm, (alternate Thursday nights for Workshops), at the World Writers Meetup Room, just down from Subiaco Train Station. There are a few bus routes that service the area too; and if you're driving in, there's plenty of free street parking close by.

Members are welcome to bring along snacks or drinks, we can provide coffee or tea as well.

Each meeting costs members just $3, with revenue used to cover the Meetup site charge, the balance being ploughed back into planned social events (i.e., Easter, Winter, Halloween, and Christmas parties.) Records of fees collected and subsequent dispersal are always available to members. We are a non-profit group.

So, if you feel we're the kind of people you'd like to share your own worlds with, (members usually bring about 750 words to read out to other fellow writers during the meeting), then, we'd love to hear from you.

Very best wishes always,

Will Gadd

Upcoming events (3)

"Poetic Worlds" Wed July 24th

The Home of World Writers

When the words fall from the mind and out onto a new landscape, they not only convey alternatives, but rhythm as well; word notes if you wish that float and twist and dive to form new shapes and dimension. Poetry in all of its forms is beautiful, succinct, evocative and uplifting. Bring to us for our enchantment some of these collections of ’notes’ in free verse, rhyme or perhaps some piece of monologic prose even. 750 words (7minutes reading time) maximum will suffice. We look forward to it.

"Got the munchies?" Wed August 7th

Location visible to members

Do you ever read about food in a story and suddenly feel hungry? Do you crave certain foods when you read certain books? Food customs are an important element of culture and community, so a useful tool for the writer. The meals we create in the worlds we build can be evocative, reminding the reader of home and comfort - or highlighting the strangeness of that world. Writing about food can be really boring or it can make us hunger for more – literally! Bring a mouth-watering tale, poem, or excerpt from a larger piece you have worked on that is approximately 750 words, (7 minutes reading time), that will tantalise our literary tastebuds. The delicious power of your words may even have us reaching for the snacks! NOTE: Meeting begins at exactly 6.30pm!

"The World on the Other Side of the Mirror" Wed Aug 21st

The Home of World Writers

It's there sure enough; we can just see it, though somehow not; our other strange world that's maybe even stranger than the one we're peering at. Often happens in story writing, we compose and construct a peculiar environment that to all intents and purposes satisfies our lust of oddities, strangeness, downright bizarre situations, only to be staggered that somehow we've created another world, (layer perhaps), laying just below our surface of obvious topicality. Bring us a story or excerpt then that shows us this alternative other side. It could even be a straight piece of dialogue where the speaker is in fact revealing a very different viewpoint than the one being spoken: subtleties not at first recognised. 750 words will do nicely, (7 minutes reading), and you're welcome to explain that other world if it drifts by completely unnoticed!

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