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What we’re about


The purpose of this meet-up is all things Continental Divide Trail. We run a base camp once a year in the Northern Rio Puerco Basin serving free food to through hikers in May. We have also adopted two trail sections along the Continental Divide Trail for yearly maintenance and we will travel to do trail magic to different parts of the state and out-of-state locations. We will also post non-Continental Trail Activities...walks, hikes and campouts and other activities.

Please Note: The Continental Divide Trail Angels site is a tool to bring people of similar interests together. Every member:

· Participates in any activity at his or her own risk.
· Is responsible for determining his or her ability to participate in a given activity
· Assumes sole and full responsibility for his/her health, safety and physical well being. (The participation of a minor must be approved by the organizer in advance and requires the participation of a parent or legal guardian who will assume sole and full responsibility for the minor’s health, safety and physical well being.)

Each organizer reserves the right to decline a member’s participation or to place restrictions on participation.

Concerning membership: We do audit our membership on a monthly basis. If a person has not viewed our website within a year, the member will be removed for non-participation. A member may also be removed by an organizer based upon conduct inconsistent with the reasonable expectations of The Continental Divide Trail Angels. Be nice to others.

The Continental Divide Trail Angels does reserve the right to determine our membership.

Basic Tips for a Successful Trail Angel experience:

  1. Be respectful of your activity leader and other participants, follow the trip leader’s direction and do not venture out on your own
  2. Participate in all activities in a friendly and positive manner
  3. Manage your posts (sign-ups): If you have posted onto an activity, you are expected to post out at least 48 hours before the activity in order to allow those on the waitlist to participate. Shorter notice may be excused based upon extenuating circumstances.
  4. No religious or political discussions in the carpool or on the trail or on an activity. You may find this hard to believe but not everyone thinks the way you do. Disregarding this rule is likely to get you removed from The Continental Trail Angels. People do not participate in this meet-up to hear someone's political or religious drivel.