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**NO SOLICITING** This is a group for black & minority professional women that have and/or are currently experiencing life-changing situations, personally & professionally; and that would benefit from a support system of similarly situated women. Experiences that may include, but that are not limited to: racism, sexism, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, divorce, family issues, stress, depression, loneliness, etc. We are also raising awareness and lifting the stigma of mental illness while promoting mental health. In fact, we are putting together a directory of black and minority female mental health professionals (in each state) in order to make their services available to the women in our organization. While we did get started in the Washington, DC area, our group is open to black and minority professional women everywhere (we don't turn anyone away who is looking to give and receive healing, help and support). After starting our second group in Philly, we are now in the process of starting up chapters in Florida and Georgia as well! So, stay tuned for those.

Our goal, once we have a large enough following, is to start a nation-wide (then world-wide) non-profit* organization to further advance our efforts to help support and rehabilitate black and minority women (while building life-long sisterhoods and powerful networks); because if we don't take care of ourselves...who else is going to run the world?

*Update: I have started the process to start up the non-profit referenced above!!! This is a huge undertaking and I'll need all the help I can get. Please check out and donate to our very first fundraising campaign for this wonderful cause; which we (and so many other women) will greatly benefit from:


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DC Area (original group): WOeMANcipation™ http://meetu.ps/c/2JC1s/wYftY/d on Meetup

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Bookclub Discussion - Becoming by Michelle Obama

Announcing WOeMANcipation™ Book Club!!! Hello Lovely Ladies! Yes, we are launching our very own book club. The purpose of this book club is to create another avenue upon which we can bond, spend time together and grow as women. Each month, we will select and announce a new book title to read that will motivate, inspire, educate, and entertain us (covering a range of subjects - including personal development, selfhelp and spiritual growth). At the end of each month (on the date of the meetup), we will get together to discuss the book of the month. Please note that for the first book, we are extending the reading time beyond a month to account for the holidays. That said, I'm excited to announce that for our first selection, we will be reading the following book: Title: Becoming Author: Michelle Obama I know that some of you already have a go-to supplier for your book purchases and will likely keep using them. For those who do not or those wanting a discount, you may sign-up for a regular account at the supplier website listed below and use the code provided. Each month this code will change so check here for the new code before making your purchases. This code has been created exclusively for our group, so please be mindful of that. Supplier: Books-A-Million Website: https://m.booksamillion.com 15% Discount Code: JANCLUB19 I am very excited about the book club and hope that you all are as well. Happy Reading and see you Ladies in the New Year!!!

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