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Better Complex Gutenberg Blocks with Web Components & Stencil.js
Speaker: Rob Ruiz Audience: Developers/Programmers Tech: PHP, Javascript(ES6), React, Angular Gutenberg is upon us. Developers: you can not put off learning how to make blocks any longer. I'm sure you've looked into it - and let's be's complicated. Making something simple is manageable. But making something more complex is almost unimaginable. Well what if I told you there was a solution that offers a workflow that allows you to build your block OUTSIDE of Gutenberg first. Then putting it in Gutenberg is SUPER fast. Too good to be true? Think again... At this talk, Rob will be discussing a workflow that seems like a match made in heaven. Learn to build complex, completely self-contained, and extremely reactive WordPress page elements as Web Components with Stencil.js. Then see how stupid-simple it is to convert these into Gutenberg Blocks. It's almost too beautiful. Want to gain an edge in the new Gutenberg space with your own complex blocks? Then this talk is for you.

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